4th Generation Lexus GS Hits Showrooms

RebeccaThe new Lexus GS is available to view and test drive in Lexus showrooms across the country but if you would like a preliminary insight first then read on.

I was invited to Germany to take the new model on a long test drive to Austria, incorporating the infamous Autobahn, well with the speeds this model can reach it would have been rude not to, as the saying goes.

So an early start at Heathrow, and we were in Munich before lunch time. Keys were distributed and we enjoyed 3 hours of driving – a car shared between two people. As much as I am a driver, a ‘pilot’ as I am referred to on Michelin trips, said in a French accent of course, this luxury saloon was just as enjoyable to be a passenger in as well. It really is incredibly comfortable, the F Sport benefits from 18 way adjustable seats so you would struggle not to find a decent setting there, then there’s the suspension and ride quality. We will come to that.

First though it is important to know how luxurious the interior is. The leather used on the seats is definitely high quality and feels really soft, then there’s the entertainment system. It has the largest screen in any production car in the world at 12.3 inches. This hosts a mouse style operating mode and is also the hub of the audio control. The audio consists of a fabulous 17 speaker set up, which really is superb and most cars sound pretty flat after listening to the Mark Levinson system – specifically designed Lexusfor Lexus. Later that day at the hotel they set the car speaker system up in a small room for journalists and influencers to listen to, it rivalled a good home system, really it did! In fact they also do a home system, it costs £100,000 and takes a specialist to come and install it perfectly in line with the acoustics of the room it is going in. It’s so sensitive you cannot just move it without their input. This is really high end technology.

The interior also boasts more room for passengers than the previous model without the actual car being no longer in length. It also has a larger boot so they have not stolen space from there either. ‘Nanoe’ technology aids this comfort by sending negatively charged ions out the air conditioning system wrapped in water molecules, thus conditioning your skin as well as having an antibacterial and deodorising effect on the cabin.

Well this is Girlracer so we are interested in power, so if you want the fastest you need to go for the GS 450h which has a V6 petrol engine teamed up with an electric motor giving the rear wheels 341bhp accelerating the car from 0 to 62mph in just 5.9 seconds. Top speed is 155mph so thankfully due to the wonderful manmade Lexuscreation that is the Autobahn we enjoyed this speed, the Lexus still felt very stable. It should do with the more rigid body and chassis combination as well as the Dynamic Handling and Adaptive Suspension. These compliment the car’s 4 wheel steering set up. It was also a good opportunity to try out the different settings, “eco”, “normal”, “sports” and “sports plus” to really get the most out of the car’s efficiency or performance. Even in sports plus although it handled very well for what it is do not fall in to a false sense of security thinking it will out handle a Porsche Boxster S or a Toyota GT86 on winding country roads, because it won’t.

The boot houses the battery and incorporates plenty of storage so you do not feel that it has stolen too much space! The great thing about this being a hybrid means that CO2 emissions are as low as 141g/km and fuel consumption is 46.3mpg, for 341bhp? Yes that’s right, you are reading accurate figures.

LexusThe not so powerful version is the GS 250 which sees emissions at 207g/km, 207bhp and 0-62 in 8.6 seconds and is teamed up with a 6 speed automatic gearbox. It is £10,000 cheaper though. You can go for the F Sport kit on either which sees larger alloys and some bumper modifications. You can also opt for the latest safety technology that Lexus offer to help prevent collisions such as Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, which works at speeds as low as 0mph. So if you are stuck in traffic and the car in front pulls away again, your Lexus F Sport will follow.

So, now you know a little more enjoy your test drive.  By Rebecca Jackson RJ Internet Showroom

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