Take Your Love for Motoring Further

Mercedes If you’re in love with motors, then you’ve no doubt thought about ways to turn your passion into an actual job or a career.

There are many different paths to take when it comes to motors, but not all of them are practical or something that you can just switch to on a whim. There is a lot of training, practice and experience required in certain motoring fields, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to break into—it just takes a lot of work. But to give you an idea of how you can turn your passion into a career, here are a few paths you can take.


If you fancy yourself a bit of a grease monkey then you’ve probably thought about a career that involves tinkering and repairing vehicles. Setting up a garage requires a lot of patience, but if you’re lucky it gives you a chance to play around with the internals of some very luxury vehicles. However, you don’t have to start up your own garage to become a mechanic. You could always look for job listings from other garages and try to apply for them. Owners usually look for experience and passion, so qualifications do help.

If you start your own business, then you’re going to have to put in a lot of extra work. For instance, you’ll need motor trade insurance from a company like One Sure insurance. You’ll also need to hire employees, manage finances, promotion and even create a website for your company. Most importantly, you also need to worry about your reputation as a garage and build it up slowly to attract more attention.


If you have great social skills and a positive attitude, you could be a great asset as a car salesman. Whether it’s selling used cars or working in an expensive dealership, owners are looking for people who are knowledgeable about vehicles and have a great mentality towards making sales. However, this isn’t the easiest of jobs and you have to be good at keeping up your appearances and making yourself presentable. A background in sales will help you find a salesman job, but most sales skills are picked up from experience and not a school.

Content Creator

A lot of people turn to the internet for career choices and you can spin almost any hobby into a profitable venture if you know how. For starters, you could create a blog and write about the latest vehicles, motoring news or even talk about your own car modifications. You can monetize your blog with adverts, affiliate links or even sponsorships. You could also create videos instead of writing blogs if you prefer to be more hands-on with your content. All you need is a good-quality camera, perhaps a cameraman to help you shoot footage and then an idea. Another great idea for motoring content is documenting the history of different vehicles. For example, you could write about your favourite old cars, how cars came to be, or even give timelines for your favourite model of vehicles and give plenty of historical information about them.

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