History of the Mazda MX 5

Mazda MX5What’s one of the most popular sports cars on the market today, and has been popular since the 1980s?

The Mazda MX 5 is one of the best-selling and most enjoyable cars to own on the market today, and it has a long history of popularity. Here we give you a brief history of how this car came to be so popular, and what changes it has undergone since its introduction.

Introduction of the Mazda MX 5
The Mazda MX 5 was introduced at the February 1989 Chicago Auto Show, where the car was unveiled to the market at the start of its long and illustrious career. The name of the original car means Mazda Experiment and the five stands for project number 5. The car went through many different manifestations and was heavily tested and engineered before it was launched into production.

Mazda MX 5 on the Market
The Mazda MX 5 went on sale in 1990 in the UK. It was immediately greeted with considerable acclaim. The first car developed had a 1.6-litre engine which enabled it to reach 60 mph in 9.1 seconds, with a maximum speed of 114 mph. Performance was not the main thing attracting people to the car, but the overall enjoyment of driving the vehicle more than made up for any shortcomings. And another feature in the list of benefits was the five-speed manual gears. The gearbox was widely acclaimed to be very effective and highly responsive.

Second Generation Mazda MX 5
The second generation of the Mazda MX 5 was introduced onto the market in 1997 with the same quality mx5 parts and most of the original features. The new engine also helped the car to reach 62 mph in just 7.8 seconds, and it could reach 130 mph.

Third Generation Mazda MX 5
Around seven years after the introduction of the second generation car, the third generation Mazda hit the marketplace. This time, the car had been completely overhauled and while the original design was still very much evident, there were enhanced wheel arches and an overall more sculpted look.

Further Mazda Alterations
The steering was made sharper and given a better line in the 2009 model, while in 2012 the MX 5 got an active bonnet designed to improve pedestrian safety. Latest versions of the Mazda MX 5 include extra features and accessories, but the overall look and feel of the car, and the running costs and experience, remain the same, making this a popular car to drive and own.