On the road with the DS7 Crossback

DS7 CrossbackThis month’s road test puts me in the driving seat of the DS7 CROSSBACK. First off, the DS7 CROSSBACK is a great looking car with some wonderful swooping lines that flank its sides. Then there is the all-powerful front end that sticks right out to help draw your attention towards its stunning looks.

Then just when you think its all over, you go and take a look at the back and it gets even better. Gone are the smooth lines most cars have at the rear, and hello to the chunky, formal and sharp details you only really ever see on the likes of Audi or BMW. Well, I have to admit, I’m smitten with the DS7 CROSSBACK and I haven’t even got behind the wheel yet.

Power and Efficiency:

The DS7 I have on the test is powered by a turbocharged 1997cc, 4 cylinder diesel engine that has 180HP on tap, which also happens to boast a very respectable top speed of 134mph, plus a 0-62 time of 9.9 seconds. Fuel consumption is also very good with a combined figure of around 57.6 mpg.

A big sticking point for the DS7 CROSSBACK though is its 400Nm of torque which allows it to pull very well from pretty much any gear thanks to a brilliant 8-speed automatic gearbox that does a proper job of changing up and down the gears at a decent rate with minimal fuss. Then there are the brakes, which feel good and firm and will stop you as good as the best of the best. I don’t think I'm going too far in saying this really is a ‘mover’ – a car that shoots along thanks to all that torque. Plus, I was in France recently in the DS7 CROSSBACK with my family, and it was fully kitted out with 4 cases and enough clothes to put Primark to shame – but the DS7 just took it all in its stride.

On the road:
First off – great chassis, along with a suspension setup that you know has taken DS Automobiles many hours of testing to get it just right. The steering is also direct and the grip levels are good, which means the DS7 CROSSBACK feels tight and taught into the corners. The DS7 CROSSBACK was also fitted with some serious 20” alloys, which you would assume would have a big effect on the road – but actually, it was the total opposite of anything I expected. So just to be clear – it's controlled, poised, settled and a real pleasure to drive. Actually, you can keep your 100k cruisers, the DS7 CROSSBACK is just the ticket.
Interior & Technology:

The interior is also of outstanding quality – with features such as quilted seats and interior details that frankly look stunning. Plus there are lots of chrome fittings and clear displays. Along with a decent amount of standard equipment such as; hill start assist, DS active scan suspension, driver and front passenger lateral & curtain airbags, keyless entry and start, remote tailgate opening, Bi zone automatic air conditioning, lane departure warning, speed limit recognition warning, active blind spot detection and DS CROSSBACK pilot park .

Additionally, on the inside, you also get a good amount of top of the range kit to keep you happy like; 8 speakers, 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster, DS-Connect Nav, Bluetooth hands-free, FOCAL Electra Hi-Fi system, LED daytime running lights, DS Active LED vision, DS 3D LED rear lights and as an optional extra, something called DS night vision pack which is amazing and able to identify pedestrians and animals over 50cm tall up to a distance of 100m. All of this helps improve visibility during night time driving.

DS7 Crossback DS7 Crossback DS7 Crossback




To sum up:
I’m going to give the DS7 CROSSBACK five stars in this test, not only because I like its looks, but because I believe it’s a brilliant car with bags of extras and a great engine that’s tied to a very good chassis and quite frankly a brilliant 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The DS7 CROSSBACK is finally a car I can fall in love with on looks alone. Its great to see DS Automobiles doing some fantastic designing, and its really paying off in the looks department.

Price: From 39,380 (basic OTR RRP) By Anthony Yates


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