BMW 4 Series first drive

BMW 4 Series





My email Inbox this week has been loaded with press releases about the latest changes to the 2017 BMW range of passenger cars.

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VW Amarok first drive

VW AmarokBuilt with America squarely in its sight over one of the biggest bonnets you’ll ever see looming in your rear view mirror, the Amarok is for the family or business which needs capacity and doesn’t want to compromise on quality.

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New Volkswagen Beetle first drive

Volkswagen BeetleWith more and more volume produced cars these days looking more and more alike, there are very few iconic core designs left to tempt those owners who do not want run-of-the mill designs, they are independent minded, aloof to what is the latest must-have - me-too fashionable car, hatchback, SUV or sports car.

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Lexus GS 300h hybrid executive saloon first drive

Lexus GS 300h hybrid executive saloonToyota and Lexus have long been the stalwarts, you could say the pioneers, of using hybrid technology for some of their passenger car ranges to reduce CO2 emissions, improve fuel economy and boost performance. Where they led others now follow.

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SEAT Leon first drive

SEAT Leon five door hatchback side action





In common with other brands in the Volkswagen Group that produce C-segment family cars based on their highly rated MQB platform, namely the VW Golf, Skoda Octavia and Audi A3, SEAT have now rolled out their ‘refreshed’ range of Leon SC three-door coupe, five-door hatchbacks and ST estate models.

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