Toyota Prius+ first drive

Toyota Prius+For 12 years we have had several generations off the Prius petrol/electric powered hybrid five door, five seater hatchback

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Lexus GS250 first drive

Lexus GS250Twenty year ago the Lexus brand came to the UK with the LS400 luxury limousines. Since then the range has expanded and hybrid models have been the mainstay power sources.

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Toyota GT86 first UK first drive

Toyota GT86 Toyota, the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer has a fine range of bread and butter cars fit for purpose.

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Chevrolet Camaro first drive

Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet has just announced two major sponsorship partnerships with two of Britain’s most famous football clubs, Liverpool FC and Manchester United.

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Renault Twizy UK first drive

Renault Twizy Part of the fun of buying a new car is ticking the options list for the ‘extras’, but when that includes doors, a waterproof blanket and a luggage bag, you know this is going to become a journey of discovery, which also includes refreshing your memory for hand-signals.

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