Fiat Panda 4x4 first drive

Fiat Panda 4x4The latest Panda’s to be imported to the UK will be quite rare on and off our streets.

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Lexus 450h first drive

Lexus 450hOne thing for sure the cost of motoring is not going to be less in 2013. 

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New Volkswagen Golf first drive

Volkswagen GolfDeliveries to UK customers of the all-new Volkswagen Golf three and five door hatchbacks in its seventh generation form began on the 7th January at prices starting from £16,285 rising to £24,880.

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Subaru Outback first drive

SUBARU OUTBACKYoung at heart but still growing old gracefully is Subaru’s long serving all wheel drive Outback five door estate, perhaps the original ‘crossover’  with its higher ground clearance over the standard Legacy Tourer estate. 

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Lexus CT 200h first drive

Lexus CT 200hLexus, the premium brand of Toyota, are big in hybrid model offerings with over 500,000 sold globally since they were first introduced in 2005.

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