Volkswagen Beetle first drive

Volkswagen BeetleIt has taken Volkswagen 73 years to get to the third generation of their Beetle.

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Hyundai i30 first drive

Hyundai i30Bigger, bolder and with Blue Drive technology, the new generation Hyundai i30 is destined to drive up sales this year in a market which is generally expected to go into reverse.

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Kia Rio first drive

Kia Rio Mention the word Rio and racy thoughts automatically think Brazil, sun, beach and carnival but get real stop fantasising and come down to earth,

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Fiat Panda first drive

Fiat Panda After 32 years on sale the new Panda five door hatch by Fiat has matured and developed a more rounded look and generous proportions to meet the demands and desires of modern drivers so it’s longer, wider and taller

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Audi A4 first drive

Audi A4The iconic A4 range has helped Audi stay in the black, but now it’s going greener for 2012.

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