Singapore Grand Prix: One of the really unique Formula 1 destinations

Singapore Grand PrixFormula 1 is one of the most fascinating racing competitions in the world and especially after its global expansion in the recent decade or so, there are now some really unique and exotic tracks with the Singapore Grand Prix probably being the best.


And there are some very good reasons for this to be the case.

It’s a Challenge

One of the reasons that make the Singapore Grand Prix such a spectacle is the fact that it really tests every single team member and every single machine.

First of all, the race runs really long at over two hours. This means that it really tests both pilots and engines as they both need to withstand the length of the race and still perform at the highest level. The fact that the race is long allows more time for upsets and drama and both have been seen at Singapore’s Marina Bay Street Circuit before.

But the length of the race is just one small aspect of why it’s a hard race to be in. The second factor that makes it such a grueling experience for the drivers and their teams is the heat and humidity. Despite the fact that the race is held at night, temperatures are still high and the high humidity makes it hard for men and machines.

According to Red Bull’s doctor Riccrdo Ceccarelli, this is the most physically demanding race from the entire Formula 1 calendar and it’s really not surprising keeping in mind the length, heat and humidity paired with the concentration required because of the special features of the circuit.

What makes the Singapore Grand Prix so different is the fact that it’s a city circuit that has all the gripping tightness and precision of Monaco, but it actually has enough space for pilots to overtake. This makes it a real spectacle that is hard to replicate anywhere else and its position in the Formula 1 calendar ensures that everybody would be motivated and things will be interesting despite the fact that it’s not a title decider just yet.

The last thing that adds to the show and uniqueness of the race is the fact that it’s the first Formula 1 race that is held entirely by night. It adds yet another level of difficulty for the pilots while making the race a sight to behold for the spectators. Additionally, the beauty of the city of Singapore as the backdrop ensures that memories will be made.

Visiting Singapore for the Race

While the Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit should be reason enough for you to travel, the Lion State has a lot to offer to make the trip even more appealing.

Singapore is a unique place to visit as it’s a city state that started out as a small fishing village and is now a bustling modern metropolis that commands a sizable technological and economic influence in the region. The city itself is fascinating and so are the people who live in it and their customs and way of life.

There are literarily hundreds of things to do while in Singapore from visiting the beach and enjoying the unique nature, to getting your adrenaline pumping with extreme sports or even hiring Tamil tuition to help you prepare for the upcoming Indian Gran Prix.

On top of this Singapore offers amazing cuisine that can be consumed both in the street and in fancy restaurants. One of the most unique experiences you might have while visiting the country for its Formula 1 Grand Prix is having a special local soup from a plastic bag with a straw. And don’t worry, it’s actually more convenient than you could imagine as Singapore is really the country of convenience. Everything in Singapore really runs smoothly, starting with its airport that puts Heathrow to shame with its organization and efficiency and finishing with the unique F1 stop at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

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