Night of the JUMPs 2014

Dany TorresFrom a sporting point of view, the NIGHT of the JUMPS is the world’s most extreme freestyle motocross series and the yardstick by which all things FMX are measured.

In 2011, the European freestyle MX championship was added to the list of competitions contested under the banner of the FIM Freestyle MX world championship, and consequently, not only is the official FMX world champion determined under the aegis of the NIGHT of the JUMPS but also the European champion. What is more, the series enjoys world status and thus provides the most authoritative guide to freestyle motocross rankings. Another record season is in prospect in 2014 when riders will be fighting it out on three continents.

Once again, the first two contests of the freestyle MX European Championship in Linz/Austria open the 14th NIGHT of the JUMPS season, 18th-19th January 2014. The next European championship points will be fought over just one week later at the two NIGHT of the JUMPS events in Graz (25th-26th January 2014).

In early March, NIGHT of the JUMPS in Berlin promises to be the most spectacular opener ever in the history of the FIM Freestyle MX world championship; the two German world championship grand prix competitions get under way in Berlin’s o2 World, 7th/8th March 2014.

The extreme freestyle aces then have a short break and come together a fortnight later in Gdansk for the Polish round of NIGHT of the JUMPS (22nd March 2014). Next, they’ll make their way directly to Switzerland where the fourth and fifth heats of the FIM Freestyle MX world championship will be staged in Basel’s Sankt Jakobshalle, 28th-29th March.

A month later, the spotlight will be back on the FMX European championship as the fifth freestyle MX European championship competition is scheduled for the 26th April at the NIGHT of the JUMPS in Munich. Two weeks later, the crowning of the European Freestyle Motocross Championship will be the main event, when, on 10th May, the European champion is finally determined at the NIGHT of the JUMPS in Mannheim.

The series returns to Russian soil for the third time on 14th June when the sixth world championship event is held just before the summer break.

After a two-month vacation which the freestylers will use to hone new tricks, they’ll be continuing the fray in Asia when the second world championship round commences at the NIGHT of the JUMPS in Beijing, 16th-17th August.

4th October marks the return of the FMX elite to Germany. The freestyle riders will fight for NOTJ world ranking points at the NIGHT of the JUMPS in Cologne at the same time as Europe’s largest motorcycle show, Intermot, takes place.

Five weeks later, the world’s best FMX riders go head to head for the ninth round of the FIM freestyle MX world championship in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia.

The 2014 FMX world champion will be crowned in Africa. For the third time in NIGHT of the JUMPS history, the FMX riders will compete in Namibia (6th December), and just one week later, the world championship will finally be decided at the NIGHT of the JUMPS premiere in Gabon (13th December 2014, Libreville).

NIGHT of the JUMPs series 2014:

FIM Freestyle MX World Championship
07.03.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Berlin/GER round 1
08.03.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Berlin/GER round 2
22.03.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Gdansk/POL round 3
28.03.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Basel/SUI round 4
29.03.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Basel/SUI round 5
14.06.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Russland round 6 (tbc)
16.08.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Peking/China round 7
17.08.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Peking/China round 8
15.11.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Sofia/BUL round 9
06.12.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Windhoek/NAM round 10 (tbc)
13.12.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Libreville/GAB round 11 (tbc)

Freestyle MX European Championship
17.01.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Linz/AUT round 1
18.01.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Linz/AUT round 2
25.01.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Graz/AUT round 3
26.01.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Graz/AUT round 4
26.04.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs München /GER round 5
10.05.2013 NIGHT of the JUMPs Mannheim/GER round 6

International Event
04.10.2014 NIGHT of the JUMPs Köln/GER

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