Quality over quantity for the third ever BWRDC all comers race

Mcgloin lead to the first corner (Photo by Marc Waller)The British Women Racing drivers club (BWRDC) held their latest all comers race at the Walter Hayes trophy recently.

As previous years the race would be run both as a straight race and a sealed handicap where drivers have to get close to a target time to succeed. The race is designed to be a showcase to promote that there are many women racing in Uk motorsport in all sorts of cars and championships.

There was a smaller grid than in previous years but there was certainly some quality even without the quantity. Nathalie Mclgloin, the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission President was again racing in her Porsche Cayman, Ginetta GT5 racer and former junior champion Katie Milner came along in her Ginetta and Charlotte Birch had her first senior race in her Citroen Saxo JSCC car, to name but three.

Qualifying was first, both to set the overall grid and the handicap target times. There was no rain but it was a damp, slippery treacherous track. It proved to be a two way battle between Mcgloin and Milner for pole with Mcgloin just edging it by 0.1 of a second. Newcomer Birch made it eighth and first in class.

The rain started to fall again just before the race and Mcgloin made a late call to run on wets. Several of the other entrants run on road tyres anyway so there were a mix of tyre choices for the race.

When the race got underway, it was Mcgloin that led from pole with Milner pulling into hot pursuit in second. Birch had a really bad start but it soon became clear this was not of her doing as the car was struggling. It turned out her gearbox had failed off the line. She pulled into the pits at the end of the first lap but nothing could be done. She tried to then continue on her remaining gears but less than a lap later she lost drive and was out of the race.

Bridgette Smart had also had a difficult start spinning her Sylva into Copse. “I saw there was a gap and went for it but I think I forgot about the corner” she said ruefully afterwards.

Up in front Mcgloin started to have issues with the car steaming up. She had forgotten to put the heater on and now faced the difficult task of trying to switch it on midrace. With very little chance along the national circuit straights to do this, Mcgloin was losing pace and Milner didn’t need to be asked twice as she spotted her chance to strike. Driving around the outside of Cope Milner streaked into the lead.

Fortunately for Mcgloin she then managed to switch on the heater and as her visibility improved so did her pace. She was soon cutting into the small lead that Milner had built up and within a few laps she was again alongside Milner. The two had a brief battle before Mcgloin surged into the lead once more.

Further down the field, Maddy Mcguire had a brief spin in her MG ZR but she continued with very little time lost.

The lead battle continued at the front with lapped cars helping and hindering both drivers in equal measure. But Mclgoin now looked comfortable in the lead and took the chequered flag to take her first ever win with Milner taking second place not far behind after a great battle. Helen Waddington took third in her MG ZR 160, a great result beating some quicker cars.

But the handicap result would remain secret until prize giving in the BRDC afterwards at 3pm.

The drivers all assembled in the warm, dry clubhouse, a contrast to the cold wet conditions outside.

The results were announced by BWRDC club president Lorraine Gathercole with the prizes presented by vice president Lorina McLaughlin.

Milner was soon racing with Mcgloin (Photo by Marc Waller) Once Mcgloin solved her visibility issues she fought back past Milner (Photo by Marc Waller) Tina Cooper was third in the handicap result (Photo by Marc Waller) Helen Waddington.was third overall (Photo by Marc Waller)




The result was announced in reverse order with Tina Cooper taking third in her class A Mini Cooper. Second was overall race winner Nathalie Mcgloin in her Porsche and the Handicap winner was Katie Milner in her Ginetta G40 GT5 for the second year running.

Mclgloin wins (Photo by Marc Waller) Mcgloin was thrilled with her first win (Photo by Marc Waller) Milner congratulates Mcgloin (Photo by Marc Waller) The top two was the same in both results just swapped around (Photo by Marc Waller)




“Well I got first in class and first in the Handicap race” said Milner afterwards. “ Nathalie Mcgloin and I had a mega battle for the overall lead. Thanks to my sponsors and supporter, Snap-on Tools UK & Ireland, Walero Motorsports, Swift Group, Greenlight Sports & Entertainment, Motordrive Seats, The White Horse and Reis Motorsport Insurance.”

“I’ll always remember my first win as I worked hard for that result!” Said Mclgloin “I was pushed hard in the rain by Katie Milner Racing who won the BWRDC handicap race; congratulations Katie! It’s such a great way to finish the season, thank you to everyone at the BWRDC who organised another great event. Thank you also to Talon Outdoor, Stanley, Black & Decker, IM Asset Management, Mode Lighting and all my other sponsors who have and continue to support my racing, without you none of this would be possible.”

While this year’s race had the smallest grid so far, it had by far the most entertaining and closest race. Hopefully it will return in 2019 with a bigger grid but with just as an exciting race. By Marc Waller