Latest Test Drives

BMW 840d Convertible first drive

BMW 840d ConvertibleRefinement and rarity are the driving forces behind the new BMW 8 Series, and its halo model has to be the Convertible.

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Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport hatchback first drive

Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport hatchback Although I tend to review new or at least recently refreshed cars, just occasionally it is time to relook at a longer serving model which still continues to pull-in awards, mainly due to the space it offers, its extensive range of models and its competitive pricing.

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New Mazda3 first drive

Mazda3A lot is being pinned on the all-new Mazda3 hatchback, and deservedly so.  Launched in the UK in spring 2019, it is competing in a tough sector of family and company cars but it’s about to get a big boost this autumn.

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