Kahn Defender 110 Sketch - concept 23Having received much acclaim for fashioning the ‘Chelsea Truck Company’ Defender concept 17 and Defender concept Military editions,

the latest sketch of the Defender 110 – concept 23 is set to translate into the real world very soon, bringing an element of adventure and romanticism to the most seasoned of Defender owners and enthusiasts.

Picture a murky evening, the rain is pouring and the wind howling; you grab the Defender keys and open your front door, allowing the storm to briefly rage in your hallway. You turn to your anxious family and say “Don’t worry,” with a reassuring smile: “I’m taking the Kahn Concept 23 Defender.”

You would envisage this is a no-brainer – Afzal Kahn has peeled back a few of the Defender 110’s layers to understand the vehicle, appreciated its weaknesses, its quirks and its incredible strengths and is set to give the go-ahead for the launch to take place in July 2013.

The land Rover Defender is the archetypal off-roader and is set to live up to its legendary status. As eye- catching today as when it was launched way back in 1948, Afzal Kahn has added an aggressive looking wide track arch kit which consists of lightweight extended wide wheel wings with integrated vents, embossed Kahn feature, side vents with mesh, bonnet vents with mesh, clear rear light lenses, clear side repeaters, clear front light lenses, crosshair headlights and Kahn prototype wing blades, Kahn prototype tailgate badge and the Kahn oval tailgate badge ensures drivers will attain a great deal of motoring supremacy.

The company philosophy is to always give the customers what they want, so Afzal Kahn could for example, design you a vehicle with a full colour change (to a colour of your choice) and an interior akin to, let’s say, your favourite leather reclining chair in your living room. Customers could also change the colour of the clock or dials, or ask for anything else. Kahn Design fully embraces the ability for a client to request a bespoke vehicle designed to their exact specification.

Kahn wheels sit perfectly on any vehicle, conveying the essence of the vehicle’s identity. Created using state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology, the 8x16 Defender wheels are finished in satin black and fit all original centre caps. With simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical centre, the 1948 wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

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