VW PoloEveryone’s favourite car for first timers is rumoured to be getting one massive upgrade this year.

Why is the Volkswagen Polo so popular with new drivers? Well, it has a minimalistic design that still manages to be effortlessly cool. It’s trimmed down to be compact while still giving drivers and passengers a lot of space. It’s also quite budget friendly, with both the overall cost and what it takes to keep it on the road. But, if you think that means it’s not a speed machine, you’re wrong. The Polo does and has always packed a punch on the roads. It is a definitive hot hatchback which makes the 2017 changes interesting and exciting.

When Will We See The New Model

Our first glimpse of the new model will reportedly come at the Geneva Motor Show in just under a month. Not long to wait at all then. There is the possibility that we’ll get a teaser sooner than that but with an early glimpse not too far away it might be on the market just in time for summer. Although, whenever it’s officially released Volkswagen is facing a lot of competition. There are already hatchbacks on the market that have stepped up their game from last year.

What Can We Expect?

Something a tad different to what we’re used to that’s for sure. Reportedly, the latest model is designed to look more impressive and grander than your typical hatchback. Whether that means it has more space on the inside, we’re not sure. But it’s certainly expected to have a far more dominating presence on the road. It may be that Volkswagen is moving away from the young driver market and towards the family vehicle model with the Polo. We do know that this car is going to be based on the MQB AO model which is already very popular with car buyers. Aside from that?

The car is rumoured to be pack full of tech that comes with the asking price. Things like Apple car play, back TV screens, cruise control and a rear parking camera are all reported to be available without paying extra.


The cost might be significantly larger than what we expect from the Polo. Volkswagen hasn't started saying numbers yet but when they do it could be anything over ten grand. It’s entirely possible that it could rise up to fifteen. This might push the insurance up too. That’s one of the most attractive things about the polo for first-time drivers. Check out a site like Money Expert, and you’ll see it’s one of the cheapest cars to insure in the UK. That might not be true in 2017.

Are We Excited?

Any time car developers start promising changes to their typical models it’s worth paying attention. Usually, it’s going to be a disaster or a grand triumph. Although we’re slightly worried about the possible increase in price we can’t wait to see what the new Polo looks like. And, more importantly, how it feels out on the roads.

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