DaciaYou might think that a new car has to be expensive.

Au contraire my friends, this is just what car manufacturers want you to believe. In fact, all producers offer a price leader model vehicle. What does this mean? Essentially, that it’s priced to move and it’s mainly used to get people through the doors and looking at cars that they can’t afford. It often happens like this. A buyer checks out a car that’s affordable online, and then they head down to the showroom. They’re led away from the budget model towards some more expensive machines. But at the heart, they are essentially the same vehicle. So, if you’re not a keen petrol head you might want to stick with a budget vehicle. Here are some of the possibilities you can choose from.

The Dacia Will Dust Your Troubles Away

If you have a large family and you want an SUV a Range Rover isn’t your only option. I know, it’s shocking! There is the lovely little Dacia Duster. Actually, it’s not that little at all and is a brute of a vehicle. At the same time, though, it’s fun on the roads, there’s plenty of room for the full family, and you can pick one up for under ten thousand. Just make sure you don’t get pushed towards purchasing a few other add-ons. Yes, even the budget vehicle has options like this available. There’s more good news if you pop the hood, though. You’ll find an engine that does a pleasant fifty to sixty miles to the gallon.

Hot Hatch, Heavenly Price

Looking for the perfect first car for your city lifestyle? The Kia Picanto is the choice for you with a price tag at around nine grand. That’s true even if you purchase a newer model and if that’s too expensive, no deposit car finance options are available. That means you can pay for the car whenever you have the money in your account. You’ll have a brilliant little speedster for your cash too. The car does a magnificent 62 MPG and comes with all the little things that you’d usually have to pay extra for. We’re talking about central locking, AC and comfortable seats that make for a pleasant drive. It’s also quite a lot larger than some of the other hatchbacks on the market.

Stylish Starter

The Picanto might not have great looks, but there are cars on the market that do. Our personal favorite would be the Citroen C1 Hatchback. This little beauty has become very popular with the younger generation for its contemporary style and cool colours. The highest the price goes is twelve grand, and that’s to get all the additional bonus features that will make your car feel more like a speed machine on the roads. If you’re not bothered about any add-on you can pick one up for just over eight grand. This one’s certainly a looker, and we think you’ll be thrilled to be seen expertly taking it through corners. We should add that the handling is also a dream.

Do any of these cars take your fancy? We think they prove you can get a great car without spending a fortune.

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