Skoda Kodiaq I was starting to get a little worried that we were not seeing any new seven- seaters in the world of motoring anymore – so, when I heard Skoda was going to introduce us to the new Kodiaq, which just happens to have the extra seating I’m talking about -

I was very happy indeed, because for a large family or people who pretty much act as a taxi driver for everybody else in their life, this must have been some very welcome news indeed.

Of course being seven-seated does not mean it’s slow and like steering a boat – in fact it’s actually more like a limousine on wheels. Ok, it’s not an actual limo – but it does have an interesting array of equipment and storage for all those times when a big car really is the saviour of the day.

Power and Efficiency:
My test car was fitted with a 150PS 1.4-litre petrol engine; its performance is good, but not what I would call ‘racy’ – but it does get a move on once you get into the power band of that turbo. 0-62mph comes in around 10sec – and you can expect fuel consumption figures to easily reach 37-40 mpg combined. Top speed is also around 119mph and because it’s a Skoda – you get all the usual energy saving devices such as; Stop/Start etc.

On the road:

Firstly - I am so impressed by how the Kodiaq dealt with the lumps and bumps on our roads. Secondly, this a 4x4 - which basically means it can to a certain degree handle off-road driving – although, I doubt you will ever feel the need to drive it around in the mud like a hooligan.

Into the corners it also feels very controlled and steady – and when pushed to its limits, there were no nasty surprises and nothing unexpected happened. But, and it’s a tiny one – the Kodiaq does have a small amount of gearbox lag (DSG) in Normal mode. If I was you, I would keep it in sport mode pretty much all the time. Apart from that small niggle - the Kodiaq is rather good and even better with its excellent 4X4 capabilities – what more could you possibly ask for.

Safety and Technology
Inside, looks great, and it has a nicely trimmed cabin which is something Skoda has worked on a lot over time. Rear leg room is also massive thanks to the movable rear seats configuration. The Kodiaq will easily accommodate seven people or large family with ease. The quality and feel inside the cabin is also very good thanks to Skoda’s excellent build quality.

Skoda Kodiaq  Skoda Kodiaq




The level of standard equipment on the SE L version starts with dual zone air conditioning, 19” Sirius alloy wheels, cruise control, black roof rails, heated front seats, ABS, EBV, MSR, ASR, EDS, DSR & ESBS, LED daytime running lights, LED rear lights, rear parking sensors, electronically operated boot, KESSY keyless system, an umbrella in the front doors, Alcantara upholstery and 7 airbags. This is just a small amount of what you can expect to find on what I consider to be a very well equipped car where everything you will ever need is on hand to make life just that little bit easier.

To sum up:

The Kodiaq is perfect for anyone looking for a family vehicle that has rugged looks, exceptional safety features and some very clever technology - meaning it is more than capable of handling most off-road situations, slippery roads or rough ground with ease. Plus the occasional shopping trip.

Price: £30,560 OTR (excluding extras) By Anthony Yates


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