SeatEncountering car troubles especially in remote areas is always very frustrating.

These incidences can, however, be avoided if your car is inspected on a regular basis. By doing this, you will be avoiding expensive repairs and breakdown. Regular car maintenance increases the vehicle’s performance and lifespan. For this reason, there are several car maintenance measures that you should undertake on a routine basis on your car.

Here are some car care tips for you:

1. Start By Reading Your Car’s Manual

Your car’s regular maintenance schedule is always included in owner’s manual. Always pay a lot of attention to every instruction contained in it.

2. Keep Your Car Clean

This is one of the most important aspects to put into consideration. Since your car is exposed to grease, sun, mud and other dirt, keeping it clean is very necessary. This will protect its paints from being tampered with.

Cleaning your car can save you unnecessary repair expenses.

3. Ensure That The Tire Pressure is Enough

Maintain a regular check on your car tire pressure to avoid problems and incurring more expenses. This is very important since tire pressure may reduce due to long miles traveled or change in temperature.

4. Keep an Eye on Electrical Components and Lights

This is another important aspect you must not ignore. Before traveling, ensure that your car’s electrical parts such as lights and horns are well maintained. This will enable you to avoid misfortunes such as accidents.

5. Change Engine Oil Periodically

Ensure you follow the guideline for changing the engine oil. While checking the oil level, ensure that the engine is off and the car is parked on a flat surface.

To be on the safe side, follow the steps below when checking your engine’s oil level:

● Open the hood and remove the dipstick from the oil reservoir.
● Wipe the dipstick clean with a cloth or paper towel.
● Return the dipstick to the oil reservoir
● Take it out of the reservoir again to see whether the oil level is within the acceptable range marked on the dipstick.
● Add the oil if it requires adding but don’t overfill.

6. Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

This is a very vital item on your car’s maintenance checklist. While the engine is running, check your car’s automatic transmission fluid level. For fluid change interval, follow manufacturer's recommendation in the owner’s manual.

7. Make a Timely Change of Windshield and Wiper Fluid

This is another aspect that is always ignored. Make windshield replacement after every six to twelve months or when the rubber is worn. For the wiper fluid reservoir, check it every week and ensure that it is full.

8. Change Power Steering Fluid on Time

This component needs to be changed occasionally. It should be given a lot of concern since it is in charge of lubricating the system and keeping the steering more consistent.

9. Rotate Your Car Tires
This is another good maintenance culture to bear in mind. Changing your car tires from back to front and vice versa aid you extend the life of your car tires. This may save you from future damage and expenses for a fast replacement. In an event that your car requires tire replacement, ensure that you purchase them from a reliable vendor such as auto repair Tacoma.

10. Regular Routine Check
Consider regular monitoring of your vehicle. This will help you in avoiding bigger repair issues in the future.

In summary, you will only be guaranteed safe travel if you make sure that your car is always in a good condition. Therefore, observing the maintenance tips above will be of great help to you as the car owner. Save time and money by letting your car be inspected regularly by a certified mechanic.

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