FordCars are not the cheapest of investments, nor is maintaining them and the tools that come with it there are a range of things to factor along the way.

Below is a series of checks that can help you get around safer and securely.


• Your car will need the utmost care and things like neglecting to get a wheel alignment can damage your car and increase your costs unnecessarily.

• Skipping oil checks and neglecting fluid checks can have also negative effects on your car.

• Not inspecting your brakes can also have serious implications as on the road if your brakes are not working then you potentially don’t get a second chance to try and remedy the situation.

• Changing your windshield wipers is a basic practice which regularly gets neglected, changing these can help to minimise damage to the windscreen as faulty or damaged wipers can damage the screen.

• Failure to Insure your tools and general maintenance equipment can lead to negative effects as theft or damage is not covered under basic car insurance so therefore covering your tools only makes logical sense.

• Checking tire pressure is also something that is regularly neglected until MOT time rears its head, ensuring that tires are well pressured and suitable for the road is a simple task but an important one that can affect fuel consumption and make driving harder.

• Driving with an overheating engine is not good for your cars health as it can lead to further damage to the engine which can impact reliability on the road.

In summary if you are investing or have invested in a car, there are more things to consider than just insuring your motor and passing your MOT. Moving forward it is best to keep on top of things and make your drives even smoother, with security of the knowledge your tools are covered.

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