MercedesWhen in the process of securing a vehicle leasing deal, asking the right questions will ensure you get a favourable deal.



It will help you perform the needed evaluation of a deal before agreeing to it. It is important to know exactly what inspires your decision to lease a car. Are you looking for business or personal car lease deals? Is it only because of the financial aspect or is it because you want to have a new car? After answering these questions, you can start negotiating the perfect deal. Below are questions to ask before leasing.

What are the available lease offers?

Companies offer different discounted offers at different times and this can be your opportunity to save money. Look at the available car models and ask if they have the car model you prefer. See the quote and see if there is room for negotiating the cost.

What is the residual value of your preferred car?

This refers to the worth of the car after the leasing period. A car with a high residual value means its depreciation rate is lower. This makes it the best car for leasing as the monthly payments and the total cost incurred for the leasing period are lower.

What is the interest rate?

It is possible to negotiate the interest rate. In leasing terminology, the interest rate is referred to as the money factor. You will find cars that have low-interest rate offers as many dealers use this to appeal to more customers. This can be to your advantage, but do not use the financial aspect as the only factor to influence your decision.

What is the limit on mileage covered?

When leasing, there is a set limit on the miles covered. If you exceed these miles before the end of the leasing period, you will be forced to pay more. To avoid this, it is better to estimate how many miles you might cover and choose a deal that incorporates a favourable mileage limit.

Is the road tax included?

There are companies that include road tax fees in the total payment, giving you a stress-free leasing experience. However, you should not assume that it is automatically factored in. Always ask to avoid problems later.

What else is included in the lease agreement?

It is very important to ask the car dealer to explain to you everything that is included in the leasing agreement. Look out for any hidden charges and make sure you have no concerns that are not appropriately addressed.

The answers to these questions are all you need to know before signing a vehicle leasing agreement. The advantages of leasing a car are numerous and if you succeed in getting the right car, you will not regret your decision to lease.

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