Toyota RAV4 Worlds Best Selling SUV 2018Global sales of SUVs rose 6% in 2018 to a hit a staggering 60% increase over the last five years.

The Global Auto Database analysis shows the Toyota RAV4 as the world’s best selling SUV with 830,928 registrations, a 3.7% improvement and the second year in a row it has taken the top spot.

Toyota dominated the SUV sector with 2.35M registrations, Nissan recorded 2.24M and they were well ahead of a shrinking Honda share of 1.84M caused in part by the run-out of their CR-V range. Despite its expansion in the sector, Ford sold just under 1.6M SUVs, 3.5% down on the 2017 total.

Hyundai recorded a near 19% rise in registrations over 12 months but the really impressive improver was Volkswagen which saw its share accelerate nearly 29% with 1.22M SUVs sold in 2018.

Group-wise, the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi amassed 4.29M SUV sales, a 7.2% increase in 12 months and well ahead of Toyota/ Lexus while the VW subsidiaries of Audi, SEAT and Skoda pushed up to 2.53M registrations, a 22% improvement.

The gradual amalgamation of PSA’s brands meant it finished 2018 with 1.12M SUV registrations, a 19.4% increase.

The most improved brand however was the Chinese Geely Group, including Volvo, which soared 37% in 12 months to 1.23M SUV sales. By Robin Roberts

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