Modified carChances are that you know someone who loves upgrading their car for better performance or this is simply you.

Well, what is the point of having such a powerful mechanical ingenuity if you are simply not upgrading it? Even though a majority of car owners do not care for their vehicles apart from keeping them running, you do care about your car; making sure that you customized it to match your personality. Well, the auto modification hacks below will help keep you in a big way. These hacks will not only improve performance but increase efficiency.

1. Cold Air Intake

Modifying your car’s intake system will improve its performance. The modification basically helps your car breath better and easily. Intake of cold air opens airflow, which increases horsepower and hence torque. Cold air is denser than hot air and this is a scientific fact. Also, cold air contains more oxygen molecules than hot air. Therefore, if cold air is transferred into the engine, it will combust completely; and of course, more combustion equals more power. as a result, make sure that the intake you get is designed to seal off the engine bay from the filter area. Without doing this, you will be sucking hot air.

2. The Exhaust

Your exhaust system should be the next thing to modify. Remember, exhaust modification is all about effective air pump by refining the output and input. For example, exhaust upgrade range for the F-150 is simply the best example of a good option. Cat-back exhaust should be the complete modification system which will get you better fuel economy and acceleration. The function of the mid-pipe is to carry exhaust from the catalytic converter to the rear muffler. Therefore, upgrading it increases flow. Furthermore, upgrading headers do help will bleeding off exhaust gases as well as help clean the intake.

3. Strut Bars

Strut bars help cars handle better when taking turns. It gives your car a better balance through frame reinforcing. The bar connects the right and left strut towers. Therefore, by installing one, you will be able to turn at a faster rate without stressing the car’s frame like the way you would without one. Struts bars are also improving handling for bumpy roads and speed bumps.

4. HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Headlights

These headlights will make it safer for you when driving at night because they offer more lights compared to regular halogens. These headlights offer 300% more lights while using 35% less electricity. All this has been made possible through their design and the gas it uses (noble gasses). The headlights are more helpful to those driving electric vehicles because they will be able to get more mileage out of their batteries on a single charge. Furthermore, you can choose the color temperature you want for further customization. Overall, you will be able to prolong the life of your battery.

5. The Tires

It is now common knowledge that better tires will not only improve handling but also stability and fuel consumption. For example, if you do not drive that much in extreme seasonal conditions, then you will need high-performance summer tires. This is because they provide the best resistance to road conditions. All this means efficiency. Such a tire is made from hard rubber, which means less wear. They are also threaded in such a way it maximizes the way a tire feels to the concrete. All season high-performance tires are for those who dive in extreme conditions.

6. Brakes

If you can stop faster, then you can brake later and gain more time and a brake upgrade can allow this to be possible. The likes of Stoptech can really help your car become a more efficient and faster machine. Well worth looking into if hoping to upgrade your machine.

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