FerrariOf course, when you’re invested in a worthwhile hobby such as car maintenance, restoration, driving or simple appreciation, all that matters is you and your daily interest.

There’s no apparent need to ‘stand out,’ to be the best of your ilk, or to spend all of your income on experiencing this. You can be a perfectly capable car enthusiast without ever owning some of your favorite models. All that matters is how you appreciate the vehicles, and what they mean to you. This is one of the most freeing aspects of any hobby, and it can feel quite wonderful to partake in.

However, sometimes you may wish to get a little deeper into your hobby. Perhaps you attended a convention and wishes you knew a little more of the jargon that you heard spoken there. Perhaps you feel that you’d love to get deep in the rabbit hole of a certain classic car line, or you are retired now and have more time to dedicate to his passion you’ve held life-long. Perhaps it’s only recently dawned on you just how amazing the craftsmanship of car manufacturing is, and you wish to pay true appreciation to that.

Or, perhaps you’re just looking online for a guide to help you feel more connected to something you love, and you’ve stumbled upon this one. You definitely have good luck, because you’re in the perfect place for something like this. Standing out as a passionate lover of cars can always be satisfying if you find any form of great love in it, but it can also be helped via the following methods:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Fantasy

Don’t be afraid of fantasy. We often forget the feeling of wonder and appreciation we have for hobbies such as this as a child. It might be you had a poster of a Pontiac Firebird on your bedroom wall as a kid, and you simply wished you carried that level of complete novelty and the dreaming scope of ideas when it comes to the hobby you experience today.

But why isn’t that possible? It might be that you decide to head to races across the globe, such as the next F1 race. It might be you simply purchase a video game such as Forza Horizon 4 to tune and try out vehicles on the replicated streets of Edinburgh. You may decide to draw up schematics of your own dream car, or binge your favourite outlandish car television program you’re a few seasons behind on. Why not indulge in purchasing a private number plate with cherished registrations formatting, as this can lend you a fresh and unique identity to your automotive road presence.

Don’t be afraid of dreaming and fantasy where this hobby is concerned - it often provides us with the creative fuel to learn, enjoy and envelop yourself in the passion further!

Connect With Others!

A positive memory is better when it’s been shared. Be sure to connect with others and share your appreciation for your hobby! Heading to r/cars and sharing a new item you’re working on, or giving and gaining advice to and from others can help your interest take on a new light. It can help you avoid making mistakes you were going to make, or wasting your money on products that are no good but marketed well. If there’s one thing you can say about car enthusiasts, it’s that they’re a friendly and sociable bunch, and love nothing more than getting together and talking about their hobby until the cows come home.

This isn’t a hobby such as a basement train set collection, but something supposed to be appreciated in a group, to be cherished in public, to have something to say about. Your presence in a community will make it richer for all the others, as you find comfort in that. Visiting websites like ours, heading to websites like Reddit or even joining private and dedicated car discussion forums can all be a worthwhile time.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your love for cars. Think that your muscle car project could do with matte paint rather than pearl? Try it out? Think that you could hook up a more powerful engine? Why not try it? If your experiments are informed and safe as standard, then car enthusiasm can be a much more creative hobby than you might realize. Sharing your creations, learning the process of others and expanding your knowledge can always serve as something worthwhile, no matter how you choose to define this process.

Have A Few Goals

Like any activity, car enthusiasm can be directed and yield more fruit when you have a few set goals. Do you hope to complete your classic car restoration by the summer next year? Do you hope to attend a rally race this upcoming Autumn? Do you wish to simply purchase an old, roughed up vehicle to hold in your garage? Do you wish to meet any of your racing heroes? These types of goals can motivate action, and give you something to aim at. Then, when achieved, you can move onto the next thing. This is how we grow in any category in life, but we often forget that sometimes a little productivity in our recreation can be thoroughly nourishing, and a passion for vehicles is no different.

Bring Someone Along!

We’ve already suggested that you can have more fun in a group, but just think, the knowledge you accumulate can also be worthwhile to someone. It might be that you share your love for vehicles with your son or daughter, and help them complete safe and informed maintenance tasks when they’re a child, spurning a lifelong love for vehicles in their mind. It might be that you simply bring a friend along to an event who has no clue about cars, and enjoy filling their mind like an empty vessel with your passion, as emotions like this are often infectious. Efforts like this can help you enjoy this process all the more.

With these tips, you can be sure to stand out as a passionate lover of cars… in your own way of course.

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