Lotus Evora SportLotus, the British luxury car manufacturing powerhouse, oversaw a change in management in 2017. This change in management signaled new beginnings for Lotus, which has just announced that it will be releasing a new sports car in the year 2020.


Lotus has invested heavily in a manufacturing plant in China that will oversee the production of new car models. Among the new Lotus models set to be on production is a hypercar set to compete with industry heavyweights such as McLaren and Ferrari.

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)
Statistics show that more people are leaning towards purchasing SUVs rather than luxury car models. This has led to a demand for high-end SUVs that offer a luxurious taste while also being able to carry out daily hassles. Lotus has been eyeing this opportunity based on the reports released by its top management.

Recently, Lotus CEO Phil Popham confirmed that the company would be releasing a new sports utility vehicle to add to the already existing Elise, Evora, and Exige.

He also went ahead to confirm that this new model would feature the current Lotus build while also featuring its renowned driving dynamics such as handling, acceleration, and lightness. Additionally, it will feature improved ergonomics, and infotainment to meet daily use and telematics systems such as those available at Eyeride online.

The Rumored Hyper Car
Word on the street has it that a Lotus hypercar is in the works. The new hypercar will be developed by a Lotus and Williams Advanced Engineering team. The details about the agreement and concerning the car are yet to be made public.

However, CEO Phil Popham has confirmed that there is an agreement between the two companies, whose main aim is to keep Lotus up to scratch with the developing automotive world.
According to various publications from the UK, the hypercar will be an all-wheel drive powered by electricity. The publications further purport that the Williams Advanced Engineering team is tasked with developing the electrical systems for the hypercar.

Other News on Lotus’ Models
As mentioned earlier, Lotus will deliver its new models that will feature its famed handling, acceleration, and lightness. Much of the design will mimic that of the Evora series.

Toyota will most certainly remain the primary manufacturer of engines for these new car models. However, the Lotus engineering team will most likely chip in and provide some engineering works.

Also, Lotus hired close to 150 engineers in 2018, and they are looking forward to engaging more to meet their manufacturing demands. Nonetheless, the main development work and project planning will be done at Lotus with only small development packages subcontracted to stakeholders.

Besides manufacturing their first SUVs, Lotus is set to make all its latest car models electrical. However, top management has remained tight-lipped on the issue of which electrification technologies will be used. Mr. Phil Popham, the CEO, however, reiterated that their primary goal at the moment is to replace their old models with new models starting in 2020.

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