car batteryOwning a car comes with its perks and drawbacks. You have a means of transportation, which is a significant advantage. However, not taking proper care of it can cost you a lot of money. So, you need to get some information about the mechanics and which parts and problems you could fix. You should know the basics.

That way, you won't have to call a mechanic every time you hear something suspicious.
In the worst case scenario, your car won’t start when you need it the most. You may not have enough time to call a mechanic. You should know what the problem is and take care of it if it proves to be minor. You should know some of the basics in auto mechanics. Car batteries can be the problem makers in most cases. It won’t hurt you to read more about them because they come in different shapes and sizes. If you need to change the battery yourself, you can learn how to do it here

AGM Battery
These types of car batteries are becoming more and more popular every day. Drivers prefer them because they can take higher CCA, and RC increases. Modern cars are mostly equipped with them. They function like flooded lead-acid batteries, but the electrolyte is absorbed. It is held in glass mats, so that is why the battery is named Absorbed Glass Mat Battery. You can drive your car and operate in any direction you want because there is no excess electrolyte to be spilled.

When installing them, you should take extra care because they can be quite substantial. In this process, you should connect a vent tube. The tube has to vent outside the vehicle. There are many precautions you need to be aware of when installing it. These batteries are easily recognizable by their grey case and yellow top.

Calcium Battery
If you are looking for batteries that require less maintenance, calcium batteries are the right choice for you. The batteries are filled with calcium and last longer. However, they need a charge at a higher voltage. These batteries should not be installed in cars designed for antimony batteries. If you do that, you should know that the battery will never work at its fullest. Also, it may take longer to recharge. You need a specific charger for calcium to restore the battery.

Deep Cycle Battery
This type of batteries needs to be regularly discharged. According to the Battery Man Guide, they can endure many discharge cycles. They can generate power for a more extended period. They are made for marine vehicles, golf carts, and vehicles for recreation. They are perfect for cold temperatures. You won't have difficulties starting your car in the winter when the temperatures are really low.

Hot Weather
Extremely hot weather can severely shorten the life span of your car battery. Extreme heat can cause the liquids in your car to evaporate. You should regularly check the engine and pay extra attention to it. Also, it is not surprising for corrosion to appear. It can seriously cause damage to your car. It is not pleasing to see some orange marks on your vehicle. Apart from the appearance of the car, it can damage the battery as well. To stop this from happening, you may need to buy a quality battery which may not be that cheap. They have higher electrolyte – to – lead ratio, which makes them more durable.

Cold Weather
Extreme cold can also damage your battery. At low temperatures, the car loses its strength. It can be tiring to start your car in winter. It is recommended for you to check your battery. Also, the charging and starting system should be tested to prepare you for the freezing winter. If the worst happens, and you may have to replace your battery, you have to choose wisely. You should specifically look for batteries that can endure these temperatures.

Battery Replacement
When you notice that your car battery has weakened, you have to replace it. There are different sizes, so you need to see which one will fit in your car. Some batteries are specifically designed for specific types of vehicles. You need to keep that in mind as well. You may need to do a test to see how much charge the battery has before it discharges. That way, you will test its capacity.

After you have chosen the right battery for you, you can go to the mechanic, or you can replace it yourself. If you have some questions concerning car batteries, you can read more here.

The first step would be for you to put on some protective glasses. The acid may harm your eyes. Then, you remove the ground cable. After you have checked the compartment for corrosion and damage, you should clean it thoroughly. If anything needs to be repaired, take care of it. Make sure the terminal clamps are firmly placed. The battery should be appropriately placed on the installation. You should tighten the clamps. Before you start the engine, check to see if you have connected the polarity of the cables correctly.

You may need to recalibrate the internal car systems after you have finished with the replacement. This is crucial for modern cars which have a lot of technical systems inside. If your vehicle is like this, it may be better for you to leave this to your mechanic.


Diagram A lot of people worry a lot about waste and its effect on our planet. When disposing of a car battery, they should know that everything is regulated by law. Batteries are extremely hazardous. They should not be thrown in domestic garbage. Many car shops and recycling centers have a policy of accepting old batteries. So, you should go and ask around. The whole battery can be recycled and used once more. New batteries actually are made from recycled materials. By properly disposing of your car battery, your conscience is guilt – free.

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