Modified carGuys aren’t the only ones that love a sweet ride, but for some reason, most cars are designed with very masculine features, colors, and styles.

Which is so unfair to the female demographic who equally, if not more so, enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel. Sure, you could pay a ton of money and have one customized just the way you’d like, but who’s got the money for that?

Fortunately, there is a solution for women who’d like to add a bit more feminine personality and style to their cars. With a few of these personalization tips, your ride will certainly grab the attention of all the boys.

Add Some Decals

The first option you have for giving your ride a nice female touch is to add some decals. It can quickly soften a more masculine, black, blue, or grey car. Decals can be designed with any pattern or phrase you’d like. You could add some pink lightning bolts, purple pinstripes, or yellow flames to the sides of the vehicle for an extra pop.

Switch Out the Plates
Want to hear the guys talking about your car? Why not invest in something that puts your ride in a class of its own? Cherished number plates are a hot commodity and will definitely draw attention. Imagine your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes Benz decked out in girly decals with an authentic number plate to match? Hot stuff.

Animalistic Seat Covers
Every girl has her wild side. Why not let that shine through in your car design? Seat covers are a very affordable way to change that otherwise boring interior into something more you. Though you could opt for a solid color like pink, purple, red, or yellow, animal prints are really in. Cover your car seats in cheetah, leopard, or zebra animal print for a more wild but feminine design.

Window Tints
Prefer a bit of tint on your windows? Instead of going with a dark black color choose something a bit more feminine. You could go with soft pink, metallic purple, a bright yellow, or even a bold red to give your car more personality.

Under Car Lights
If you’re a woman who loves nighttime driving then you’ll love the opportunity to put on a show. A light show that is. Under car lights are nice additions to have. They illuminate in the color of your choice. You could choose pink, yellow, purple, red, or whatever other light colors that best match the rest of your decor. More advanced lighting systems even pulsate to the beat of the music.

Car Lashes
Here’s a cute way to make a bold statement on your car - add some car lashes. Yes. Believe it or not, women aren’t the only ones who can put on some fake lashes and look great, they now have lashes to fit your car. Those dark, long, curly lashes really give the car the girly look some women can get behind.

Feminine Fragrances
Stop with the “new car smell” and the traditional pine trees and give your car the scent of a woman. They have car fragrances now with a softer scent like fresh flowers, baby powder, linen, Hawaiian breeze, vanilla, lavender, and more. Do a little sampling to see which one best fits.

Custom Rims
As if this ride didn’t already have enough feminine energy you can finish the whole thing off with some nice custom rims. You can get these in just about any color and style imaginable. Pink stars that move as the car does, a nice purple diamond, or even a red rim with flames in it can be designed to take your car’s design to the next level.

Don’t settle for a boring, plain, masculine designed vehicle. There’s no reason you can’t travel in style in a vehicle that not only runs good but looks great. Let your female style and personality shine through. With a few purchases like those discussed above, your car will rock just as girls do.

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