CitroënMOT; the Ministry of Transport test is an annual certification that is required by all cars over the age of three years. This test certifies that a vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

It also ensures that the vehicle’s exhaust’s emissions are safe for the environment and people. If your vehicle fails an MOT test that means that you are potentially putting yourself, your family and other people in danger. Also, you are not legally permitted to drive on the road without a valid MOT certificate.

Some of the things that are looked at while doing an MOT inspection are headlights, doors, seatbelts, mirrors, oil and fluid levels, windscreen, number plate, wipers, suspension and the exhaust system, horn etc. Wheels are also a very important part of this inspection. The tread depth, inflation level and the wear and tear of your tyres are checked to ensure the grip of the tyres on the road.

According to statistics, around 50% of the faults can be avoided by just keeping a check of simple things like the basics of keeping everything in order headlights, wipers, tyres etc. which one can look after by themselves. Almost 30% of the faults are related to lighting and signaling. Approximately 10% of the faults are related to tyre condition and pressure and about 9% of the faults are related to minor yet essential elements like mirrors, wipers and washers etc. If you are unsure what is the current MOT status of your car then head towards a reliable local garage like Calmac Tyres to get help from professionals. You can book your MOT with Calmac's Northampton Branch online from the convenience of your home. It is better to be safe rather than risking your life and going through the extra trouble of break-downs. Specially, in the summer season, when everyone sets out for road trips, having your car in spick and span condition is a plus because the risk of being stranded in an isolated island is no fun!

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