Skoda KAMIQ SE A friend of mine recently told me that he had gone off and visited the Morgan car factory in Malvern, Worcestershire - and while there, he had pretty much spent most of his retirement money on a brand new Plus 4.

Now, I don't blame him if I’m being honest – because owning a Morgan is such a wonderful thing and there is nothing more stunning than a Plus 4, or any Morgan built truth be told.

Yes, I know there are many more cars you could buy for similar money to what my friend paid for his car – but that's not the point. You buy a Morgan for the very reasons I’m about to explain. Firstly, owning a Morgan is like having that very special friend round for tea. Not that you would want them round every day of course - just when you feel you need some additional feel-good vibes in your life, and that’s exactly what you get when you own a Morgan – it is, in essence, your very special friend.

Secondly, it’s just so British. Everything about the brand is about Britain doing what it does best - making a product that will not only stand the test of time but will also live in our hearts forever.

Thankfully I have now finished giving you a lesson in British motoring history and its now time for this weeks review of the new Skoda KAMIQ.

Power and Efficiency:

My test car was fitted with a 95PS 1.0-litre TSi petrol engine; its performance is not mind-blowing if I'm being honest, but it's still fun.

Of course, right now you are thinking ‘how on earth can a 1.0-litre engine move a vehicle of this size and turn any sort of speed? Well, firstly, that 1.0-litre engine does actually have a decent powerband which will propel it to a 0-62 time of around 11.1seconds and a combined fuel consumption figure that will easily reach 44 mpg if not a little higher. If you really are interested, the KAMIQ will reach a top speed of around 112mph. So as I said earlier – it's not a sports car – but it's still pretty nippy for a 1.0-litre.

On the road:

Firstly – I'm very impressed by how the KAMIQ dealt with the lumps and bumps on our roads. Plus, into the corners, it also felt very controlled and steady – even when pushed to its limits by me. There were also no nasty surprises and nothing unexpected happened.

Of course, I want to talk about its exciting chassis – but I doubt you will care – as long as you feel safe and its a lovely ride. Well, I'm happy to report its all of those things all rolled up into one perfect package. You can read all the glossy magazines you want – but the proof is when you get your new car out on the open road with three children and a boot full of bags. Only then after many hours of driving will you understand the difference between a car that's good and one that's pretty epic.

Safety and Technology:

On the Inside, the new KAMIQ looks great and Skoda has done a lovely job of making it appealing, plus the KAMIQ stands out thanks to a nicely trimmed cabin which I'm happy to report feels well put together. Rear legroom is also massive thanks to the excellent rear seat configuration. Plus, the KAMIQ will easily accommodate five people or a large family with ease. Plus, many suitcases and as many bags as you can cram in.





The level of standard equipment on the SE version I had on test starts with; automatic dimming rear view mirror, Bolero radio with 8” touchscreen display, cruise control, eight audio speakers, front assist, hill hold control, lane assist, LED headlights, light & rain sensors, rear parking sensors, side airbags in front with curtain airbags and Smartlink. Plus a lots more technology and a whole raft of safety features to keep you protected while out on the open road.

To sum up:

The KAMIQ is perfect for anyone looking for a family vehicle that looks, exceptional, has many safety features, along with some very clever technology.

Price: £23,295 (as tested) inc options By Anthony Yates


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