Vauxhall  Grandland X Hybrid4Vauxhall is continuing its journey towards electrification with the new Grandland X Hybrid4 all-wheel drive (AWD) plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

The new Grandland X Hybrid4 is Vauxhall’s first-ever plug-in hybrid and features state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid technology. The car’s powertrain comprises a 200hp, 1.6-litre turbocharged direct injection four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric drive system with two electric motors (combined output 109hp), all-wheel drive and a 13.2kWh lithium-ion battery.

Together, the Euro 6d-TEMP-compliant petrol engine and electric motors produce up to 300hp, and offer a combined fuel consumption of 204mpg (WLTP), emitting just 34g/km CO2. The Grandland X Hybrid4 achieves 0-60 mph in just 5.9 seconds. The front electric motor is coupled to an electrified eight-speed automatic transmission, while the second motor and differential are integrated into the electrically-powered rear axle, providing all-wheel traction on demand.

The Grandland X Hybrid4 offers four driving modes – electric, hybrid, AWD and Sport. In pure electric mode, the car has a range of 35 miles (according to WLTP). In hybrid mode, the car automatically selects the most efficient method of propulsion. When travelling at low speeds, for example, the system switches to electric mode for zero-emission driving.

The Grandland X Hybrid4 comes with a 3.7kW on-board charger, with an optional 7.4kW version also available. Vauxhall will also offer devices for fast charging at public stations, as well as wallboxes at home. With a 7.0kW wallbox, customers can fully charge the battery in less than two hours.

Vauxhall has introduced an exclusive charging offer available Grandland X Hybrid (and Corsa-e) customers. When opting for the brand’s new fully electric hatchback or hybrid SUV, customers will receive a free six-month membership to the Polar charging network, providing an easy, convenient and reliable means to charge their vehicle away from home.

With the free Polar subscription, drivers gain unlimited access to the UK’s biggest public charging network. Polar comprises over 7,000 charging points nationwide, including over 400 rapid charge points.

Vauxhall  Grandland X Hybrid4 Vauxhall  Grandland X Hybrid4




Most of the charging points are completely free to use. For others, the membership offer allows customers to avoid the service charge and only pay for the electricity consumed. Prices start from only 12p per kWh, which is cheaper than the average cost of charging at home. After the free six-month period, customers pay just £7.85 per month but, with no long-term contract or notice period, drivers are free to cancel at any point.

With the Grandland X Hybrid4, drivers have the option of four different driving modes depending on their preferences and requirements.

The ‘Hybrid’ mode focuses on optimising the vehicle's fuel consumption. The combustion engine and electric motors operate together or alternately, depending on driving conditions and driving style.

Activating ‘Electric’ mode switches the Grandland X Hybrid4 to pure electric drive. In most cases, power is delivered by the rear electric motor but the front motor is activated when required, for example if the driver pushes the accelerator pedal all the way in. At this point, the combustion engine is also temporarily engaged to provide maximum power. The top speed in pure electric drive is 84mph.

In ‘All-Wheel Drive’ mode, the Grandland X Hybrid4 is driven by the front and rear wheels. The top speed in ‘All-Wheel Drive’ is 146 mph.

‘Sport’ mode combines the power of the combustion engine and the electric motor for a particularly dynamic driving style. The total power output is equivalent to the peak output of combustion engine plus electric motor power output. For example, the Grandland X Hybrid4 with a 147kW (200hp) combustion engine and two electric motors (front/rear: 81/83kW) and a single 90kW battery has a total power output of 221kW (300hp).

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