MotorcycleHybrids and fully electric vehicles have been a hot topic of conversation within the motor industry in recent years.

But with the motorcycle industry following slowly behind, this is a trend that we are still yet to see. So before you begin to renew your motorcycle insurance and head out on the open road allow us to show you more about the hybrid motorcycle.

The Lack Of Regulation
Unlike that of the electric car revolution, there is no pressure from the government to reduce the emissions of Motorcycles at this time. This, therefore, means that a number of motorcycle manufacturers are simply not interested in creating a hybrid vehicle for their clientele. But could this be about to change? With attitudes shifting towards cleaner energy and less fuel consumption, industry leaders such as Kawasaki and Honda are beginning to produce and work upon a new wave of hybrid motorbikes set to hit the market in the next few years.

The Rumours Of Hybrid Motorbikes
At this time, there are very many rumours surrounding the development of hybrid motorbikes and the technology that is being used. This is leading many to wonder just how long it will take for bikes like this to emerge on the market. One of the most recent teasers surrounding this is an advertisement from Honda In Indonesia. This clearly indicated to audiences that there would be both a hybrid and a fully electric bike running from lithium batteries. Though this is yet to be completely confirmed, this has got many motorbike enthusiasts excited as this is set to make the morning commute far more eco-friendly in the long term.

Why Is There No Desire Behind This Project?
Due to the lack of restriction on motorcycle engines, there is no real incentive to bring this type of motorcycle onto the market. This is a direct contrast to the motor industry which has strict regulations on the production of new technologies and the reduction of the carbon footprint when it comes to the production of new vehicles. This, therefore, means that there is very little to be gained from the production of hybrid bikes. Another reason behind the lack of drive behind this type of motorcycle is the price. This is because of dwindling sales of new bikes already.

Therefore, the expenses of this style of motorcycle make it less likely to sell in the long term.

Technology Behind The Hybrid Bicycle
Due to the advanced technology associated with these vehicles, it is difficult to see how well they will sell. However, with many motorists looking to reduce their carbon footprint, this could be a hit as it provides an eco-friendly alternative to not only their old bike but also the fuel-powered car. This is, therefore, opening up this style of technology to a niche market in the form of first-time drivers looking to take advantage of eco-friendly vehicles.

Though this will take time, the development of technology such as this could see the motorcycle industry moving in the right direction to reducing carbon emissions whilst creating an exciting way to undergo your morning commute.

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