DucatiBike owners should read this short guide from start to finish! We have collected and assembled a quick list of the best of the best or crème de la crème of motorcycle accessories so to speak.

If you do not own them by now, we suggest that you strongly look into that. These additions will improve daily commutes, safety, the comfort of driving and a plethora of related riding aspects as well. Let’s get into it!

Action camera
This is probably quite a significant investment, especially compared to others. But trust us, it is an essential investment for all motorcycle owners. An action camera will be of vital importance after traffic accidents or help out in producing little montages from your journeys or impressive roads. Expect to spend over a 100 USD/GBP/EUR.

GPS motorbike tracker
If the worst-case scenario happens and your bike gets stolen, you would like to have it recovered, right? A motorbike tracker is a fantastic buy for anyone who likes their motorcycle and does not want it to get stolen. The tracker will contact you immediately after it recognises your bike is being stolen or tampered with.

The owner can instantly track the location of the motorbike and pass the information down to law enforcement. The motorbike tracker price is a small one to pay when you consider the potential losses that theft brings.

Tire inflator/air compressor
Tire pressure, ride quality and proper tire inflation all tie into safe driving. If your tire is deflated and the tire pressure is off or not suited for the tarmac conditions, there is a higher risk of accidents and other issues on the road. We strongly advise carrying a tire inflator and an air compressor with you on longer journeys. Quick and efficient adjustments for maximum safety.

Disc lock
Who knows what situation you could end up in. When travelling abroad or further away from home, disc locks are not a plus; they are a must.

Disc locks will keep your property a lot safer. Theft becomes significantly more challenging, and most criminals look past disc locked motorbikes. We recommend buying the best option in your

budget range. However, a great lock will likely cost no more than 50 USD/EUR/GBP. This budget will be more than enough for a proper unit.

A mount and a GPS navigation system
Navigating in a new or foreign environment is always challenging. It gets even more difficult when you’re riding on a motorbike and not a car.

Every rider needs a GPS navigation system. Instead of asking about or wasting time looking at maps, buy a mount. This costs anywhere between ten to twenty dollars/pounds/euros. Then find an appropriate and suitable GPS. If you are high on road trips, a mere 100-150 USD/EUR/GBP investment is small compared to the incredible benefits.

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