VW CampervansThere’s very little that can beat a night under the stars, roasting marshmallows and listening to the call of the wild with friends or family.

Or perhaps your idea of a great day out is a picnic in the countryside.

Either way, when adventure calls, you answer it with the VW T5 Transporter Campervan.

The production of this family-sized van was halted in 2015, but it remains a solid, reliable vehicle for anything from dropping the kids at school, to a camping holiday. It’s versatile enough to suit just about anyone, any family, and any place you wish to go!

It’s also one of the most customisable vehicles out there. If you’re keen on one of these models, you can pretty much make it your own by adding whatever features you’d like.

Here’s the scoop on the features you’ll find on the VW T5 Campervan.

The VW T5 comes in both petrol (2.0 litre I4, 3.2 litre VR6) and diesel (1.9 litre I4 TDI, 2.0 litre I4 TDI, 2.5 litre I5 TDI).

It was produced in both manual and automatic, so you can drive the way you like. The T5 Campervan comes in 4 different varieties: 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic or 7-speed automatic (dual-clutch gearbox, DSG).

You can travel cross-country in this beast with peace of mind that your family will be safe on the journey. The VW T5 Campervan comes with front airbags for both driver and passenger.

Other great safety features that are often found include ARP (Anti-Roll Protection), Hill Start Assist and Trailer Stabilisation, a Ready-Alert Brake, and Rain Brake support. Some features may be missing on the base model, but can be easily added.

No matter the weather, you’ll be secure and steady on the road.

Interior Features
The VW T5 Campervan is one of the most customisable vans on the road. The base model is generally an empty shell, which is customised to suit the owner’s desires. When looking for a rental van to take on a road trip, you may not find two quite the same!

A common modification found on Campervans is a European tilt-roof system, which can be automatically or manually operated. Generally, customised Campervans come with a fitted kitchen, fridge/freezer and lots of shelves and storage areas. You’ll find all you need to have a luxury cooking and dining experience, just like you would at home.

The campervan may come with either privacy glass or blackout curtains (sometimes both). No need to worry about nosy strangers sneaking looks inside!

Exterior Features
The VW T5 Campervan comes with a built-in gas supply and a solar panel that provides electricity. This is a big thumbs-up for road trips - as long as you’re parked in the sun, you won’t need to go to the trouble of hooking up electrical cables.

There are a dozen accessories that can be added to enhance the travel and camping experience.

Some commonly seen additions include a beach shower (great if you’re going to be doing some hiking), a bike rack (super if you’re planning on some biking), a full-length awning for sun protection, and outdoor furniture.

The VW T5 Campervan is a home-on-wheels away from home. Whether you’re zooming through the city to the shop or taking a leisurely drive through the countryside, the T5 will get you where you’re going safely and in style.

It’s easy to customise to your liking, and versatile enough to use on a daily basis. If you want to try before you buy, rent one for the weekend to get acquainted.

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