Citroën ë-SpaceTourerA pioneer in the field of people carriers and Leisure Activity Vehicles, Citroën has true expertise in developing versatile and spacious models that are a pleasure to travel in.

The brand proves this point once again today, by unveiling the 100% electric version of SpaceTourer: New Citroën ë-SpaceTourer.

Citroën SpaceTourer is a conventionally powered large MPV that allows five to nine people to travel without compromising on comfort, versatility and design. A high-tech model with a strong character and remarkable handling for such a large vehicle, it represents a modern vision for a segment that has evolved significantly over time to incorporate high-level vehicle standards.

SpaceTourer’s style is both energetic and reassuring. Its high front end allows it to dominate the road. Its solid, yet non-aggressive, design always gives an impression of confidence.

In line with the times – and symbolising freedom of movement for groups of people – SpaceTourer benefits from Citroën’s expertise in terms of space, practicality and travelling comfort. Built on the EMP2 modular platform, SpaceTourer has an efficient architecture suitable for a multitude of uses, helped by outstanding boot volume and manoeuvrability in town.

With the introduction today of the all-electric version of SpaceTourer – ë-SpaceTourer – Citroën proves that introducing an electric powertrain does not mean making compromises compared to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) versions. New ë-SpaceTourer also provides more choice linked to increased customer demand for 100% electric vehicles in all sectors of the market.

Citroën ë-SpaceTourer Citroën ë-SpaceTourer



Citroën has designed ë-SpaceTourer to make life easier. It is easy to re-charge – whether at home or in the workplace, be it via a Wallbox or a super-fast Public terminal. New Citroën ë-SpaceTourer also features connected services to help manage the various vehicle systems. It is easy and pleasant to drive, and ultra-comfortable without any loss of interior space compared to the non-electric versions.

New ë-SpaceTourer is particularly well suited to the needs of many businesses (e.g. shuttles & taxis), as well as local authorities, clubs and associations, and of course large or extended families. It provides sufficient range for the vast majority of journeys, offers access to restricted areas with zero CO2 emissions and delivers significantly reduced running costs.


  • Zero emissions, zero noise, zero stress: freedom from vibration and external noise
  • Driveability in electric mode: torque immediately available and no gear changes
  • Peace-of-mind in use: freedom to access restricted zones subject to CO2 emissions limits
  • Remote cabin pre-conditioning: the heating or air-conditioning can be set before getting into the vehicle using the MyCitroën® app on a smartphone or tablet computer. Alternatively, the driver can use the touchscreen inside the vehicle and the Connect Nav service to access this feature


On the outside, ë-SpaceTourer stands out visually through:

  • The charging port on the left-hand front wing
  • Grille blanking trim at the front of the vehicle
  • A new monogrammed “ë” on the right side of the grille and on the tailgate

On the inside, ë-SpaceTourer offers:

  • A newly designed and ergonomic ë-Toggle gear lever
  • A selector for the three all-electric drive modes – Eco, Normal and Power
  • A special instrument panel with:
    • A power meter showing consumption (ECO or POWER) and charging (CHARGE) information
    • A battery charge status gauge
    • A consumption gauge for the on-board electrical equipment (heating, air conditioning)
    • A colour electrical matrix, which specifically displays energy flow, remaining battery life and the charging status of the vehicle (current or delayed)
  • The 7-inch touchscreen incorporates a new section under the heading “Energy”, which gives access to the vehicle’s electrical system dashboard:
    • Energy flow – shows the operation of the electric drivetrain in real time with the driving mode selected and the traction battery charge level
    • Consumption statistics – a summary for the current journey
    • Delayed charge – allowing delayed charging to be scheduled
    • Thermal pre-conditioning

In addition, the customer is able to use the touchscreen to view the charging stations nearby, or along their route, and the range to each location according to the remaining battery life.

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