FordThere’s nothing better than driving around in a cool new car. In hot weather when the windows are down and the cool air’s tickling your arms - you could do it forever! If only you didn’t have to reach your destination.

Many of us love our cars and want them to look and act new for as long as possible.Looking after your car won’t only make it look new and shiny for longer, but it will feel new and shiny, too. A well-maintained car will last for many years and won’t let you down. Here are some tips on making your car feel new for longer.

Keep it clean
A new car is never dirty. Make your car look new for longer by keeping it clean, both on the outside and the inside. Get rid of any dirt, leaves or grit by regularly taking your car to a car wash; the best ones have car wash point of sale hardware. Take care of the inside of your car by using an air freshener, regularly cleaning the compartments and potentially even changing the seat covers.

Regular checks
A well-maintained car works like new, no matter the mileage. Achieve this by regularly checking your car. You should always be looking at the warning lights and tires, while listening for strange noises like clunking, creaking or ticking. Learn how to feel when something is off by being aware of any strange vibrations, pulling to the side or loosening of the steering wheel. Make sure you take your car to a garage if you notice anything off. Don’t forget to get it serviced regularly, too.

Drive safely
Cars that regularly get into accidents don’t stay new for long. Keep your car in good condition by driving safely. This means abiding by the speed limit, checking your mirrors and avoiding distractions. If you hit the curb often when parking or regularly scrape the mirror when you’re reversing out of your driveway, the spots will begin to show. Your car will look worn out and old, and it’ll perform in the same way.

Use your air con
For those living in hot countries, a car’s air con might be used all year round. However, for those living in colder countries, the air con will be left for months on end. Air con systems inevitably leak refrigerated gas over time and can easily become faulty. So, regularly switch your air con on even in the colder months, just to keep it working. Use it or lose it.

Keep it covered
While many people store their cars in their garage, not everyone has this luxury. So, if you don’t have a garage, it’s important to get a cover for your car. This will prevent vandalism, accidental damage and theft.

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