Truck towingExperienced truck drivers can attest to the importance of a brake controller when towing trailers. It guarantees safety thus ensuring that the task is carried out successfully.

For effective and efficient towing, you need to use the best controller for the job. There is a wide variety available that one can choose from.

These have different features that dictate their advantages and disadvantages hence influencing their suitability. The details are as outlined below:

• Tekonsha 90195 P3

This is often seen as a top rated brake controller available in the market. It is flexibly designed hence adaptable to multiple uses. This makes it possible to use it on several types of vehicles and trailers.

One of the features that makes it a favorite among drivers is the boost button which makes it suitable for heavy loads. It also has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate.

It uses an LCD screen to display vital information such as warnings and other parameters aiding the driver. When it is not operating it can be stored in a protective case.

• Supports towing of heavy loads.
• It is interoperable with other components of the braking system.
• Has a 360 degree free turn.
• The screen is wide
• Has a lot of functionalities.
• It is quite expensive
• It doesn’t work with hydraulics
• Installation involves splicing.

• CURT Triflex controller

This has a high level of brake sensitivity control and comes with a triple-axis accelerometer. It does automatic calibration which eliminates a lot of initial setup work associated with other gadgets. All these features together with the power output guarantee a smooth ride on all sorts of terrain without having to worry about the braking effect.

• The triple-axis accelerometer senses motion.
• Has a wide range of sensitivity.
• The setup is easy
• It requires an adapter cable to function.
• It lacks a switch for turning it off. This can drain the battery.

• Reese Towpower

This is one of the most popular gadgets owing to its affordability. It controls the four axles and also has a screen indicating the braking output voltage. It is simple in both design and operability.

• Easy to operate and install.
• It is affordable.
• Requires a cable for operation.
• Has a small range of capabilities.

• Draw-Tite I-stop IQ

This is a proportional brake controller that comes with a mounting clip. It has a small LED screen for display, boost button for heavy towing and emergency braking, and the price is just right. It requires a compatible cable to operate. See this link to read about a few benefits of using trailer brakes.

• Easy to install and operate.
• The price is moderate.
• Requires a cable as an additional accessory.
• It lacks an off switch hence must be unplugged when not being used.
• It has limited functionality.

• Hopkins Towing Solutions

This has the plug and play feature which makes it very easy to setup. On top of that, it only has two buttons for control which makes it simple to operate. It is well-suited for emergencies as engaging manual braking delivers full power leading to a quick stop.

• Ease of use and installation
• It is incompatible with manual braking.
• Previous settings cannot be saved.

• Tekonsha voyager

This is preferred by professionals. It has a high sensitivity to adjustments hence highly customizable to suit the conditions at hand. This also calls for great care while making the adjustments to avoid unintended effects. It is well packed and blends in easily with other items on the dashboard.

• It occupies less space as it is compact.
• The price is moderate.
• Out of line adjustments can negatively impact the performance.

In addition to other accessories required for the job such as hitch lock, receiver and ball mount, the brake controller is a must-have for safe and efficient towing. The performance is affected by several factors such as the type, functionality, and adjustments made. For this reason, it is important that you pick the right one that is well suited for your needs, dictated by the weight of the load, terrain, and knowledge of use. You can read more about brake controllers here.

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