Car on roadWith an ever-expanding population and the building of new housing estates and towns our roads around the globe are becoming more and more congested. Moving away from these busy area’s the roads open up and you may not see another car for a few miles.

This is reflected in the speed limits in place. Redex have collected data on the top speed limits from around the world to see which countries have the highest and lowest speeds on urban, rural and motorway roads. Redex have also looked at which countries had the highest number of known speed cameras.

There are some surprising findings when reading through the Data provided by Redex here are a few we found interesting

• USA has the highest speed limit in the world in residential areas, with some states allowing up to 75mph on certain roads (120kph)

• USA had highest speed limit in rural areas at 75mph on certain roads (120kph)

• 4 countries have no speed limit on specific motorways (Germany, Nepal, Andorra, Angola) • Gibraltar and Bhutan have the world’s lowest speed limits on motorways at 31mph (50kph)

• Bangladesh has the world’s lowest residential area speed limit of 16mph (30kph) maximum • Bangladesh also has the lowest speed limit on rural roads (outside of built up areas) at 19mph (30kph)












 The full article can be found here.




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