Vauxhall CrosslandDo you need a new ride for your family? From pushchairs to pets, holiday packing and weekly food shops, you’ll need enough space to fit everyone and everything in comfortably.

Affordability is also likely to be high on your list of priorities – as is a raft of reassuring safety features. And what about entertainment for your little ones?  

In other words, it needs to excel at just about everything. The good news is the family car market has long been one of the most competitive around. Below we run down five of the best options available to drive away right now.  

Vauxhall Crossland-X

The Vauxhall Crossland-X is a compact crossover SUV with a surprising amount of interior space that’s easily opened up further by folding down the rear seats. You’ll then have 1,255 litres of boot space to fill – ideal for those flat-pack furniture hauls.

You’ll also find all the hands-free entertainment features you could wish for, plus a 180° panoramic rear-view camera to make parking a breeze.

Ford Focus

The Ford Fiesta may continue to be the UK’s best-selling car, but the long-established Focus deserves your attention. This family compact car is a joy to drive and will look great in the school car park too.

Now on its fourth generation, the Focus scores highly on crash safety tests and comes with a range of efficient engines.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Is your gang rapidly expanding? The Tiguan is a spacious family SUV and one of the largest models on this list. Its interior comfortably seats five, while the Tiguan Allspace will fit seven.

A raised driving position provides excellent views and, combined with reliable handling, can make sure everyone feels well out of harms away.

Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008 is another sizeable family SUV that gains an edge over its competitors when it comes to build quality. The interior looks and feels excellent and provides plenty of space even for tall teenagers.

Parents will be pleased to know it boasts strong safety ratings, and you can take your pick from several economical engines too.

Skoda Superb Estate

It may have a slightly arrogant name, but the Skoda Superb Estate is a great mid-size family car that does plenty to justify its title. It’s exceptionally economical for starters, while the estate version offers plenty of room for seating and storage.

The higher trim levels come with lots of appealing tech upgrades - but even the most basic version has lots to like.

Can you see your family hopping in and out of any of these vehicles?

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