Honda HR-VAre you a wanderlust? Do you absolutely love traveling? Do you daydream about going to places, walking along the beach, roaming around in the streets of ancient cities?

Well, most of us can relate to this because we all love to travel and take a break from life.

While a long expensive vacation maybe possible once or twice a year (unless you have deep pockets), you can sometimes satisfy your inner traveler with a short trip to another city over the weekend in your car.

We know you are thinking who is going to drive all that way, and those muscle cramps and sleeping legs are enough to give one shudders. However, we are here to tell you that you can avoid all of it if you have the right vehicle.

Car enthusiasts know what cars are exactly suitable for long drives. Don’t fret if you don’t know much about cars and are still researching. We are here to help you with your homework. We have curated the list of some of the best cars that are suitable for long journeys:

1.    2020 Honda HR-V

SUVs are the ultimate family car because of a lot of reasons. Honda HR-V is not just a great family car, rather it is suitable for long trips as well. It is the best example that shows that comfort doesn’t always comes at a high price. This vehicle is perfect if you have a family that loves going on long trips. This affordable SUV is the perfect partner for your little expeditions.

It is sophisticated and sleek, so it doesn’t compromise on the cool factor. It comes with a panaromic sunroof so your family can enjoy all the scenery during the journey.

Coming to the practicality and interior of this beast, it has sufficient space for your family and stuff to fit in perfectly. It has an enormous boot capacity, which is enough to fit in all your luggage and strollers. The best part is its magic seats that can adjust instantly to increase capacity. You can choose from three different modes: long mode, tall mode, and utility mode. To add cherry on the top, these seats are heated so you can cozy up in winters.

It is also equipped with some other useful features such as the fog lamp that lets you drive even when it is blurry. This car is suitable for smooth roads as well as tough terrains.

2.    Kia Sedona 2020

Kia Sedona is yet another great car that is perfect for long trips with family. It is a minivan, but it is a lot cooler. It now has a sturdier, revamped design with a floating roof so you can enjoy the view. Its trunk is huge enough to fit all your stuff. Plus, it comes with foldable seats so in case you have a company or more friends you can accommodate them as well.

Now, as for the comfort of the driver, the driver seat comes with recliner action and foot rest, which prevents leg cramps. Other than that, both driver and passenger seats have ventilation and heating options in three stages.

If you have two to three kids, then this is the car that you should go for regardless of whether you go for long trips or not; this car is going to be the best decision even for the Walmart trips.

3.    2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid

When you think of comfortable road trips, your mind is most likely to conjure up an image of an SUV or a minivan that has a lot of room for people as well as luggage. However, cars that are not SUVs or mini vans can also be quite comfortable, and the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid is a great example.

The car has an executive look, so it is covered on the beauty side. As far as the interior and comfort factor is concerned, it has a spacious rear with a lot of room, so your legs don’t go to sleep. It can easily fit in three people without making it uncomfortable.

Coming to the trunk, it is quite deep, so you can easily slide a lot inside. It might not be that huge to accommodate a lot of suitcases, but for long drives, it has enough space to store your stuff.

This car is perfect if you have a small family or you are a newly married couple, looking for exciting adventures.

4.    2020 Ford Expedition

 If you want a real comfortable long trip with your family, then this is the car that you should opt for. This vehicle is everything you need for a road trip. It can tow 9300 lbs, and it has a three row comfortable seating that can fit in 8 people comfortably. Its seating also comes with heating and ventilation that keeps you comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions.

As far as other features are concerned, it comes with Pre-collision Assist with automatic braking, which alert you beforehand and pre-charge the brakes to increase its responsiveness.

Another interesting feature is the auto high beam headlights that can sense poor lighting conditions and increase brightness automatically. These lights can also sense other cars approaching you and dim brightness automatically, so you don’t end up blinding other drivers.

A feature that is really helpful in long drives is lane keeping system. The car analyses your lane and alerts you immediately if you start drifting in a moment of distraction. So if you are sleepy, you would know it is time to take a break. 

If you think this car is out of your budget, then you can always look for second-hand cars for sale, and you can find a good deal.  Just make sure you do your homework and consider all the factors before making the final purchase. 

Ready for a road trip?

A good car can do wonders for your trip. Imagine reaching your destination all tired and cramped up, you wouldn’t really enjoy your little excursion. These are some of the best cars available in the market. You can choose the one that is suitable for you according to your family and budget.

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