ShipImporting cars to the UK is a straightforward and simple process, check here. Depending on the shipping service you use,

whether it is via container or roll on / roll off shipping option, you can get your car imports faster and with negligible costs. Containerized ship car to UK are completed in two ways generally; individually or consolidated.

How does car shipping work?

For the consolidated choice, your vehicle used to be shipped accompanied by others in a 40-foot sized container. This choice lessens the ocean freight cost effectively as well as destination and unloading fees. A single container option, on the other hand, will have your vehicle being transported only within a 20 foot container. The rates will be more, however, the departure and arrival times will be less and you can carry along the household products and load them into the container as well.

The roll off / roll on option happens to be a good way of shipping a car to UK also. Your vehicle has to be in good working order as the vehicle will be driven off the boarding vessel hull. The fees for this option are generally lower than containers, however it might differ based on the location of departure and the port of arrival you use. Additionally, household products are not allowed inside the vehicle and navigation times are generally longer than the containerized option.

How much does shipping a car cost?

In essence, shipping times, cost of shipping a car from USA to UK, and all other details are determined based on the shipping option you choose and the type of vehicle being transported. You will have to check with your auto shipping company for accurate information. If you are permanently shipping cars to UK, you must provide proof that the vehicle meets all safety and environmental regulations. You will be able to do this by usage the distinct vehicle approval scheme. This process details can be initiate on the UK government website.

The necessary documents for the importation of cars to the United Kingdom:

  • Passport
  • Shipment project
  • Proof of ownership (vehicle registration)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Import document

Available UK ports:

  • Bristol board
  • Felixstowe
  • Liverpool
  • Grangemouth
  • Newcastle
  • London
  • Tilbury
  • Southampton

Taxes and Duties

Car imports in UK necessitate you paying import duties as well as taxes as well as value added tax (VAT). Nevertheless, you might succeed for these charges to be ignored in a number of situations such as;

If you are making a move permanently in the UK

If you are shipping car to England a formerly exported vehicle; or

If you are a non-European member and intend to stay in the country for no more than 6 months (also known as a temporary admission relief).

How much is car shipping from one state to another?

If your car imports in UK do not goes with any of these types, you will have to pay all duties, taxes, and VAT certainly once the vehicle has arrived in the country. The majority of car shipping UK are typically of vehicles aged 10 and under. The restrictions are generally placed on vehicles older than 10 years, so you will need to contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK before attempting to ship a vehicle of that age range.

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