Inside carOne of the most exciting areas for innovation has always been the automobile industry.

From Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s original designs for the horseless carriage to the integration of the Internet into touchscreen dashboards, the car industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the next few years look to be sone of the most exciting.

The biggest innovation that looks to be revolutionising the motoring world is the rise of artificial intelligence or AI. Computers have long been a part of car development. The usage of voice-activation software has also come to greater prominence since the early 2000s. This combined with radar-guided cruise control allows the vehicle to maintain distance and change speed based on the car in front of you.

The first step towards autonomous vehicles with Tesla being at the forefront of this development thanks to their widely publicised Autopilot system. Besides, the likes of Hyundai have been working on an Adaptive Cruise Control system. It analyses the driver’s behaviour and combines it with the car’s autonomous driving functions in a bid to enhance the driving experience.

The use of AI to help drivers out has been in development for years, but its usage in the future extends beyond self-driving cars. Mercedes Benz and Nvidia are now in a partnership that will allow the vehicles to have software to help autonomous driving, but also improve safety and convenience. This idea of customers being able to purchase upgrades and add capabilities to the car through perpetual upgrading has come to prominence thanks to Elon Musk’s Tesla and the associated app. And, with this the partnership, it’s looking to become more mainstream.

Inside car (Pic by Pixabay)The idea is that if the user wishes to buy rear heated seats for instance as an optional extra, they go onto the app for their respective manufacturer. They can then buy the upgrade and it ‘installs’ using over-the-air software updates. It is designed to allow drivers to have one car for longer, saving the environment and making sure their vehicle never becomes out-of-date or obsolete.

Technological innovation isn’t limited to the world of motoring. The idea associated with over-the-air upgrades has been a central part of phones and tablet computers for years. Moreover, the nature of upgrading and striving for better is a key part of any corner of technology. The likes of online casinos, as a venture formed from the rise of the Internet, have typically been proponents of new forms of tech such as HTML5 that has become a vital part of their operation. As a result of this striving for the best, it has led to enduring popularity with users and caused a raft of comparison sites to come to prominence. This is evident thanks to the article for casino bonus UK here where they discuss the best casino bonuses available at the moment with industry experts’ opinions on who the best providers are. On that page, there are dozens of different online casinos which means that people are sure to find one that suits their requirements.

There’s no doubt that the next few years are sure to be some of the most exciting when it comes to the marriage between the car industry and technology. Innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence are a sure-fire way to making that tech a key part of people’s lives and with partnerships such as between Mercedes and Nvidia, it looks like a bright future ahead.

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