Image Credit: Anna Rogalska / Shutterstock.comEveryone loses their car keys at some point in life. However, it’s finding the keys that's the most frustrating bit of this whole situation.

If you’re yet to find yourself in such an ordeal, you probably don’t know how you can handle it. So to help you out, here are a few suggestions on what you can do when you lose your car keys.

Remain calm
As stressful as the situation is, you can’t panic or stress yourself out. Doing so will only make things worse, and will further complicate the situation than it already is.You need to control your thoughts, stop worrying, and remain calm. Otherwise, you can’t concentrate on the real problem - finding your car keys - and think of how you might be able to get them back or at least do something about it.If you’re not good at handling stressful situations, you should get some help. Call someone you’re close to and see if they can come to your aid. They don’t need to help you out with the car itself. They just need to be there to support you and make sure that you don’t panic.

Retrace your steps and look for them
When you can’t find something, the best way to look for them is by retracing your steps and going through all the things you did after you last had or saw the item.Since we’re talking about car keys here, you can start by thinking of the last time you drove the car. Then, go through your usual routine after you’ve turned the engine off. What do you do? You take the keys out, leave the car, and lock the doors. Till now, the key is probably with you, and not inside the car.Then you look on the ground around the car; maybe you dropped it somewhere while taking out your phone or wallet. Afterward, check all the places you had been to. If you left your car and went straight inside your house, maybe you misplaced the keys. It could be that you kept them in a place where you usually don’t keep your keys.If it’s a restaurant or your office, and they have a lost and found, don’t forget to check that out as well. However, avoid asking random strangers if they’ve seen the keys.If you still can’t find them, return to your car, and stay there.

Call an auto locksmith
You looked everywhere and still couldn’t find your keys. However, you don’t have the time to continue the search efforts and need to leave that place with your car immediately. What do you do? You call an auto locksmith.Auto locksmiths can do everything with your car locks. From simple repair and replacing jobs to car key programming, they can do it all. However, right now you don’t need them to break through your car’s locked doors. You need them to get you some replacement car keys.You can get a replacement key from the dealership, but auto locksmiths offer the same service at much lower prices. They also cover all the major car brands in their area. So you can rest assured that they can find a replacement key for you too.Locksmiths can get you a replacement even without the original key. You just need to provide them with certain information and paperwork. These are mostly formalities to make sure that the vehicle is indeed yours and you haven’t stolen it or anything.Experienced locksmiths can get your car key ready and programmed in under an hour. The process is relatively fast these days, thanks to the modern tools these professionals have at their disposal.

Assume that the keys have been stolen
This is the worst-case scenario that you need to consider. Don’t dismiss the possibility of grand theft auto, because it’s a very common crime and can happen to anyone.File a police report first if you think the keys were stolen (your insurance company will ask for it). Next, take your car to an auto locksmith and get the locks changed. Change the door locks as well as the ignition switch. You shouldn’t take any chances with this. You’ll need to show your police report at the locksmith as well, along with a few other documents that can confirm your ownership of the car.After you’re done changing the locks, you can rest assured that even if your keys were stolen, they’ll be of no use now.

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