Vauxhall GrandlandVauxhall has today revealed the New Grandland – a significantly revised version of its popular, elegantly sporty SUV that offers a bold and pure design, innovative infotainment and assistance technologies,

an electrified powertrain as well as intuitive controls and increased on-board comfort.

With the fully digital Pure Panel, the New Grandland offers drivers a completely different cockpit experience with two widescreen displays. Vauxhall’s SUV flagship also features additional technologies and assistance systems that until now have only reserved for premium segments of the market, such as the adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light with a total of 168 LED elements, which has made its way to the SUV from Vauxhall’s flagship saloon, the New Insignia.

The same goes for Night Vision, which is celebrating its premiere for Vauxhall and is now available on New Grandland. The system detects pedestrians and animals in darkness at a distance of up to 100m and alerts the driver. Another new technology is the semi-adaptive Highway Integration Assist which keeps the New Grandland in the middle of its lane and maintains the distance to the vehicle in front, it also allows for “stop & go” progress in traffic. The New Grandland also features the Vauxhall Vizor, the brand’s new front end design.

The user-concept is futuristic and detoxed to the essentials. Two wide screens in a single unit form the Vauxhall Pure Panel. This fully digital, driver-oriented cockpit is intuitive to operate. Pure Panel is made up of the latest digital technologies and delivers the most important information straight to the driver. The two displays welcome the occupants and create a pleasant ambience. The up-to-10-inch central touchscreen faces the driver, who can therefore concentrate on driving without needing to take his or her eyes off the road. And the 12-inch central screen displays the infotainment.

Vauxhall GrandlandVauxhall GrandlandVauxhall Grandland



New Grandland is also available as a Plug-in Hybrid version, in keeping with Vauxhall’s strategy to offer a fully electrified model line-up by 2024

The New Grandland will arrive in UK showrooms later this year, with first customer deliveries starting in the Autumn. Full UK pricing and specification details will be released nearer the on-sale date.

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