BentleyWorking in a luxury car dealership is a dream job for many people. If you post a job ad for a luxury car dealership position you’ll get plenty of applications.

This allows you to pick only the most qualified and trustworthy personnel.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when hiring staff for your luxury car dealership.

Use employment screening checks

Not only in the UK, but also in countries like Australia, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand, employment screening is by far the most important thing when you want to hire someone new for your business. Many people would like to work in such a dealership because they love cars, but you might have the unpleasant surprise of discovering that they love luxury cars a bit too much. As in driving away with a very expensive model and never coming back.

Luxury cars are very tempting and easy to sell if you know the right people. A car thief getting such a job will take his time to study the procedures and the security systems you use.

It might take them months to plan their operation, but it will pay handsomely. You need to be aware of this risk and make sure that the people you hire do not have a criminal record and were never associated with criminal gangs.

A popular way to do this is to use an online service provider. These providers like the one here called ANCC (commonly used in countries like Australia and the U.S.) are accredited with the government and provide a similar service as a local police station, however the software solutions that they provide are tailored for ease of use. There are a number of service providers like this available in the U.K. as well. The main benefit of ordering a police background check from an online agency is that they tend to work faster and provide better support services.

Also, you can use these types of checks (police checks, reference checks, credit checks, driving history checks, etc.) to ensure that your future employees don’t have convictions or history that will put the dealership at risk. If the employee will be allowed to take out a car for a drive test with a customer, you need to be absolutely sure they’re reliable. People with a drug habit are also at risk of causing an accident and destroying an expensive car.

What other qualities do you need to look for?

As the owner of a luxury car dealership, you probably know that your staff has to deal with a very discerning clientele. The people looking for such an expensive car usually know a lot about cars and expect no less from your staff.

You should ask detailed questions during the job interview to see if the candidates know the difference between two very similar models, and can talk about engines, air conditioning systems, safety features, etc.

Another essential quality for a luxury car dealership is having impeccable manners. Your clients are rich people and expect to be treated with utmost respect. Any word out of place, any funny look can put them off, so you need to know that your employees have excellent soft skills and know how to handle demanding customers.

Of course, you’ll want to test their salesmanship skills as well. Such deals involve a lot of money and you need to be very convincing to make a customer sign a contract.

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