Car Mechanic Most car owners have a trusted garage where they take their car for servicing.

However, if the vehicle is still under the manufacturer's warranty, you might need to bring the car for servicing at a recommended dealership that specialises in the specific car type. Failure to comply with the recommendations of the car manufacturer can void the warranty. In addition, some contracts offer one or more car services free of charge during the warranty period. Other car manufacturers likewise provide car breakdown and MOT cover, as long as the dealership services the vehicle.

What is MOT?

The UK's Department of Transport (formerly the Ministry of Transport) requires most vehicles in the UK three years and older to have an annual MOT test for exhaust emissions, roadworthiness, and vehicle safety. The MOT test covers more than 20 parts or systems in or on the car.

Do keep in mind that aside from your regular car maintenance, the MOT test is one of the most vital things you must remember as a car owner. Failure to have an MOT test means you are breaking the law, which carries a heavy fine. If you need to bring your car for MOT testing and you live around West Midlands, you can go to premium auto service centres like MOT Birmingham for your car's MOT testing.

Why do you need an MOT test and car service?

Car service and MOT tests are both similar and different at the same time. When you talk about car service, you refer to the detailed guidelines from the manufacturer that you must follow to keep your vehicle in top condition. On the other hand, MOT is a mandatory test that ensures that your car is roadworthy.

Your car may pass the MOT test, but it may not be achieving its peak performance. To ensure safety, you can bring your vehicle to a car service shop for a check-up to determine if there is some mechanical failure. For example, the spark plugs may need replacement, the fuel and air filters may be due for a cleaning or replacement, and the car may need an oil change.

The MOT and car service may check some of the same things, but the car service does not only inspect the parts. In addition, it may replace or repair the parts.

Even if you have a brand new car, the manufacturer will recommend bringing your vehicle for its first servicing after 12 months. However, if you are constantly using your car, you should get it to the service centre after travelling 10,000 to 15,000 miles. You should also check the manufacturer's guidelines because the first service could be sooner.

Additionally, your car needs to pass the MOT test if it is three years old. This is because you need an MOT to renew your car insurance. However, if your car is faulty and cannot pass the MOT test, you must bring the car to a service centre and have the errors fixed before taking it back for the MOT. If you have your vehicle serviced regularly, you have a higher chance of passing the MOT.

As you can see, MOT and car service have a symbiotic relationship. You need both services to ensure that you can drive your car around the UK freely, as well as ensure that your car is performing as expected.

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