Ford KAMany may have likened their growing years to a time when they were young, wild, and free. Interestingly, it is also a period of one's life when you are being introduced newly to some of the demands of adulthood.

MG5 EVTHE UK’s fastest-growing car brand is taking a bold step into a brand new area of the market with All New MG5 EV, on sale from October 2020.

AMR-C01As we come to the end of another week we look at some of the Motoring news which you may have missed starting with Aston Martin who have revealed their first racing simulator.

Car on roadWith an ever-expanding population and the building of new housing estates and towns our roads around the globe are becoming more and more congested. Moving away from these busy area’s the roads open up and you may not see another car for a few miles.

Ferrari Portofino MThe Ferrari Portofino M, the evolution of the Prancing Horse’s 2+ GT spider, the Ferrari Portofino, was unveiled today. In a move unprecedented in the Maranello marque’s 70-year-plus history, the new car’s premiere took place entirely online.

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