Renault CapturRenault has revealed UK pricing and specification for All-New Captur, available to order now, with prices starting at £17,595 OTR and first customer deliveries in March 2020.

Kia SportageSports Utility Vehicles, more commonly known as SUVs, are the fastest growing car class in the world.

CarWe’ve all heard the horror stories of a friend-of-a-friend who bought a ‘cut and shut’ car, i.e. when two cars are sewn together, or someone else that bought a car that officially didn’t even exist, and most of us just assume this will never happen to us. It’s only the unlucky people.

VW ID.3As of July 2019 all newly registered electric vehicles must produce an artificial driving sound. Yesterday, the ID.3’s sound design was presented at the DRIVE. Forum in Berlin as part of the Future Sounds event.

Dashboard Ping. We’ve all been there, happily going about our business when a light pops up on the dashboard, it’s the cars way of telling us something isn’t quite right.

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