Ford Fiesta ST-3More than any other car in modern times, the Ford Fiesta has defined British motoring and the high performance ST-series is the most desirable, particularly among motorsport fans.

Volvo XC40Volvo cars and its sports offshoot brand of Polestar claims they will reduce fleet emissions beyond their joint CO2 target for 2020 as defined by the regulations set by the European Commission. What that target was Volvo doesn’t say.

Suzuki Ignis HybridCity slicker meets countryside pony is how I would describe the top specification model in the revised Suzuki Ignis range.

Audi A3 SaloonIn these troubled times all aspects of our life are, or should be, coming under review whether it’s our health, wealth, family, work, transport or generally the downsizing of areas such as our cars and homes to more affordable options.

Mazda MX-5 R-Sport SEAs a modern classic, the Mazda MX-5 has just become more exclusive because the new MX-5 R Sport Convertible is limited to 150 examples in the UK.

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