Vauxhall InsigniaThe Vauxhall Insignia is a lesson to its rivals. While many challengers have or are about to move out of saloons/ hatchbacks and into crossover models in the modestly priced family sector, or executive brands keep pushing up prices but offering less in return,

MG5 EVAll credit must go to the new MG5 EV Estate. As many manufacturers fall over themselves to produce what are essentially the same pure electric cars in hatchbacks or saloon styles, the MG5 stands out from a crowd

Citroen C4 Combine mid-sized hatchback dimensions with 5-doors in a Coupe styled bodyshell then add in must-have SUV styling cues and that mix should make the new Citroen C4 highly desirable.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake You can rightly expect exotic sports cars to turn heads, but when an estate car from a volume manufacturer manages to do that, you know the designers have created something very pleasing to the eyes.

New Vauxhall CrosslandAfter the latest Covid lockdown some 4,500 franchised car dealerships, plus many more used car centres, opened their showrooms to the buying public earlier this month, at least dealers were hoping customers would be buying.

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