BMW 3 Series new generationWith the chaos that is politics I’m steering away in this end of year motoring review from such things although of course how the domestic car industry survives when we are out of the EU is very worrying for GB Plc.

Ford Mustang Fastback GTAt first you may not see a similarity between San Francisco and my home town of Barry, South Wales. But I’ve found a connection, they are both good places to test the Ford Mustang Fastback GT.

Jaguar XE Reims edition 2020 modelJaguar set an embargo date and time last week of one minute past midnight on Wednesday 11th December to announce their special edition Jaguar XE Reims model with just 200 units for sale solely in the UK.

Skoda KamiqThe Kamiq (pronounced kamich) is the third all-new SUV model line-up launched in the last three years to the Skoda range.

Mazda CX-30The new Mazda CX-30 enters the booming SUV sector in January.

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