Kia ProCeedThe ProCeed is what Kia calls a shooting brake and people of an older generation might remember shooting brakes as saloon cars, Hillmans, Humbers, Standards and such like, with a boxy load area, sometimes made of wood, with two side hinged rear doors, tacked onto the rear of a four door saloon.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q4





Car sales are a series of twists and turns but there are strong signs that Alfa Romeo has turned the corner this year.

Volkswagen T-CrossWith SUV styled vehicles now taking close to, or in some countries, over 40% of the new car market, manufacturers from budget to luxury brands have wasted no time in covering all angles in terms of size, performance and price.

Honda Civic 1.0 VTEC turbo hatchWhen the 10th generation Honda Civic hatchback was introduced in 2017 Honda proclaimed in their presentation material that, “The all-new Civic Hatchback is to be built in Europe and exported globally, Honda’s UK plant in Swindon continues key role in Civic production,

Audi A1 SportbackAudi’s experience in the premium sector also extends to its supermini sized A1.The A1 was first shown in 2010 as a 3-door, the 5-door Sportback came 12 months later and arrived in Britain in 2012, and it’s a successor to the Audi A2.

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