Toyota Corolla





14 years after the Toyota Auris name replaced the Corolla we see the return of the World’s best-selling car brand name – Corolla - and it’s on sale in the UK from the new registration plate change month of March.

Citroen BerlingoMPV multi-purpose vehicles, or ‘people carriers’, as we know them in their heydays of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s have lost out in terms of sales to the growing desirability of owing an SUV – ‘sports utility vehicle’.

Audi A4 AvantWhile SUVs are the flavour of the season, there’re rich pickings for manufacturers and drivers in cars like the Audi A4 Avant.

Volvo V60 T5Last year Volvo in the UK outperformed the new car market with sales. Whereas the market fell by 7%, Volvo increased their sales by 9% to achieve 50,319 registrations with their award winning new range of models

Hyundai Kona 4WDThere is a lot of noise and hype generated about SUVs at the moment but the Hyundai Kona compact five door SUV does not shout about its abilities, it just delivers them.

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