Fiat 500XWith the on-going arrival of all-new SUVs of all sizes in full swing, the popular market sector also offers updated versions of SUVs which have been available for much longer.

Toyota Land Cruiser SWB Light Commercial Vehicle





In recent weeks I have watched a variety of documentaries from the wildest and most remote places on earth and while the presenters change with each programme there seems to be a satisfying, reassuring continuity as they are all conveyed in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Vauxhall Grandland X SUVGiven the turmoil in the world’s car industry, the faltering global economy, falling sales, demonization of diesel engines and in the UK that touchy issue about Brexit, Vauxhall’s latest advertising strapline for their Grandland X mid-sized SUV, ‘Keeps Calm – Carries On’, looks like sensible advice if we chose to take it.

SsangYong TivoliEveryone likes surprises, especially if they give you even more than expected, such as with the SsangYong Tivoli SUV.

Toyota Corolla





14 years after the Toyota Auris name replaced the Corolla we see the return of the World’s best-selling car brand name – Corolla - and it’s on sale in the UK from the new registration plate change month of March.

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